• no, i dont do drugs
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have PTSD?
  • There are better treatments for PTSD than drugs. Unfortunately, that's all the VA does anyway. Medicate.
    • Linda Joy
      Actually its only done in conjunction with therapy and there are only three doses given, if I recall correctly. But they are heavy handed with the drugs. Well, except for narcotics. They practically shut those down on people they helped get addicted. It was a bad time for many but I think they're better off for having them pulled, provided they didn't just revert to getting them illegally.
    • Archie Bunker
      After we came back from Iraq, my gunner, who had some extensive leg injuries, was being treated at the local VA. Instead of monitoring what they were doing and "treating" him, they just handed him Oxycontins. 100 pills a month. And Percosets. Another 50 a month. This kid was f*cked up for months until we got him clean. Medicate and push 'em out the door. That's government healthcare.
    • Linda Joy
      Not anymore. I used to get tramadol and they put a stop to that. All I get for pain is otc meds. They didn't even numb me when they did my biopsy!
    • Archie Bunker
      Now you die in the waiting room waiting to see the doctor.
  • NO! It was slipped in one of my drinks at a titty-bar and evidently I cussed everyone and wanted to fight. My "buddy" did that shit to me.
    • Linda Joy
      That don't sound right. If someone slipped it to you they probably lied as well! It sounds more like they slipped you PCP.
    • Wakko
      I just go by what he told me the next day, then he wanted to be pissed at me because it turned me into Mr. Hyde. We didn't stay friends.

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