• There's nothing wrong with you. Not everyone is cut from the same clothe. Find some interest that you're passionate about and focus your attention on that instead of what others are focused on. Through that interest, you'll probably meet someone if it was meant to be.
  • Romantic movies and shows and books cater to our desire to feel loved and secure - and that is why they are popular. But real life is seldom like them so we really should not expect it to be. The most important thing ( as Bella mentioned) is to be interested in and love life and socially interact with people we meet. If we have satisfying work and interests and pastimes that make us feel good about ourselves while doing good for others then that is what life is supposed to be about. Then we are living life and not just waiting around passively for romance to happen to us. Is possible you are killing your sexuality (libido) by eating lots of sweets and candy and cold soft drinks and salads and junk and industrial food or drugs prescription or otherwise. Or for some of us lots of cheese and pizza and too much meat. If you touch yourself and masturbate to orgasm there is nothing wrong with you. And sometimes with some men we don't really feel that attraction until we get into bed with them. Choose men who you think are good men for you rather than being so concerned with "romance" and "attraction".
  • me neither, i think im asexual

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