• Hard to tell at this point. There is so much bluster and at the same time so much criticism. It seems hard to tell if he's getting anything done.
    • denise
      I know, he seems very arrogant but I know he seems arrogant and rude but what he is saying about immigration makes perfect sense to me. We need to keep terrorism out of our countries and get people back to work,
    • denise
      Sorry for messy repeated message something went wrong.
  • He has lived a successful, wealthy, happy life......
  • He's kind of a jerk. But, many times (and I'm sure in New York real estate) you have to be hard-nosed. I'd like to see him succeed as POTUS (as every American should). So far I think he's doing a fine job. He showed the world that we're not going to be pushed around anymore and that we're not a bunch of limp noodles like our last POTUS did.
  • If I ever met him in person I would fart in his face. That`s what I think of him.
  • Well Trump is nowhere near as sexy as Obama. I do prefer my men even darker actually much darker than Obama but he was a lot sexier than Donald Trump.

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