• I totally get what you did if it was your 15 years old and not a person young adult (18 years or older). Mothers want to Mother and it's hard to know when to stop. But now you need to let your daughter grow and to start treating them as a young adult. If she had gotten wet from the building to the car, I bet next time she will check the weather to be better prepared.
  • Not wrong but over=protective. She doesn't want you shadowing her everywhere.
  • Hi Bella, as a mom I totally get what you are doing. You just want to protect your kids and help out, that's great, but in situations like this you are doing more harm then good. Your daughter is an adult and needs to stand on her own two feet. The world is not a kind place and the sooner she can act for herself the better. Also you have done some damage to your daughter's chances of getting hired. I have a friend in HR and she has rejected people who have had parents show up to interviews or called up on their behalf. After all how can they survive in the work place if they are being lead around by their parents. When she is not looking slip a small travel umbrella in her purse. She will appreciate that.

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