• Start whistling a catchy tune and see how many others pick it up before the day is out. Switch the sugar for salt at the coffee station. Give someone a snake eggs prank envelope. Put clear wrap over the toilet bowl under the seat cover. Clean your desk, get extra work done.
  • I think of all the laughs people are having because of me on Tuesday night.
  • try to make a game out of work
  • its not appearance money once the job is done we go home. Standing there doing nothing achieves nothing. For us its not about being there for a set period of time its about finishing the job and going to the next job.
  • I think about what I am doing this weekend.
  • Focus. You should be intently trying to accomplish as much as possible as well as possible. That is: focus on doing your absolute best. That goal should be enough to motivate you. The added motivation is that if you perform superlatively you will be a valued employee and will likely - eventually - have the opportunity to move up or to move to a better-paying similar job with a different firm. I find it helps if I pray frequently (silently, in my head), but of course that would not be a useful tactic for someone non-religious. You should keep mentally prompting yourself to pay attention to the job, following the adage "anything worth doing is worth doing well", and you should attempt to accomplish (well) as much as you are able while you are on the clock. After all: you're being paid to work, so you should be working, and as a matter of integrity and self-respect you should be working to the best of your ability. IMO, doing so makes my time off much sweeter, much more relaxing. It also means that the company will do better, which means that your job is more secure. There are probably umpteen other indirect advantages that I haven't mentioned.
  • create work games in your head

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