• Too distant a question I guess ??
    • tominhouston
      No it is not too distant. It will surprise you like the alarm clock in the morning.
  • I was thinking as soon as my kids graduate from college or trade school. So, I'd take my current age + 22 - my kids current age.
    • Ice man
      Young enough to enjoy it. Good for you ! Plan your finances well and make it happen.
  • When I can't walk in platform boots any more. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      LOL, quelle surprise !! : )
  • I was 48 or 49 when I was no longer able to work.
    • Ice man
      That's young.
    • Linda Joy
      I worked hard all my life sometimes two and three jobs at a time occasionally getting 4 hours sleep a night I think I just wore my body out
  • I retired at 62 but I am still working at 78 and hope to quit working when I am 81 but not sure about that either. I have no retirement other than Social security and get so little I have to work. I would liked to have retired at 62 or 65 but just could not afford to do so.
    • Thinker
      I was forced to retire when I was 79 as I has a small stroke taking part of my vision in my right eye. They would no longer allow me to drive my school bus. I miss my work as a school bus driver.
    • Army Veteran
      I was fired from two jobs for that reason. I didn't have a stroke, but I was involved in an accident in 1992 that blinded me in one eye. After driving for 14 years and with my age nearing 60 I was forced to go on disability after suffering heart failure because I was facing eviction, and the loss of my car (with only a few payments left) and I had no prospects for a job.
  • Whatever age you choose to retire it will be upon you very quickly, possibly without warning. We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan. Start NOW! If your employer has a 401 participate and consider a Roth IRA for whatever you have left over at the end of the month. You will be astounded at how fast it mounts up. Do not depend on Social Security.
    • Ice man
      Good advice.
    • Ice man
      LOL Always the optimist, eh .. : )
  • Well, I retired when I was 62. At least I started drawing SS. When my wife and I divorced I didn't have enough SS to live on. I have gone back to work. My plans are to work 3 more years if my health holds out. I will then have a small retirement coming in. With that and my SS maybe I can then retire and not have to work.
    • Ice man
      I wish you luck.
    • Ice man
      Of what month ?
    • Lilo Avli
      April, just in time for the warmer weather. Can you arrange it ? There's a large bung in it for you.
    • Ice man
      I'll see what I can do, but that only leaves me this week and just what kind of "bung" are you talking about ?
    • Lilo Avli
      I'm still only 14 mister. You have eight years to work your magic. And my Dad, a police officer, says why are you asking me to bung you ?
    • Ice man
      It's sounds like the police officer wants that bung for himself.
    • Lilo Avli
      Don't they always. How else did I get my Ferrari ?
    • Ice man
      Teenage prostitution, maybe ?
    • Lilo Avli
      I sent my wife out once, to give blow jobs for extra Xmas cash. She came home with $45.50. "Who gave you 50 cents", I asked ? "They all did", was her withering reply.
    • Ice man
      No Ferrari for you then. Next time tell her to leave the dentures at home.
  • I planned in retiring at 66 but got laid off my job (after 14 years) at 64. Nobody wants to hire a 64 year old but fortunately I had carefully planned and saved for retirement and the last two years were not critical. Having a plan for retirement is EVERYTHING and if you are young with no retirement plan you will be screwed big time. Saving enough is painful for most people but you will live 1/3 of your life living on what you had been saving for the previous 30 to 40 years.
    • Ice man
      Very true.
  • 35 yrs old was the plan.
    • Ice man
      I'm going to guess ... the plan didn't work out ?
  • i wish i could retire now since i cant find a job and living on no income
  • Never, I'm immortal
  • I've never worked and don't intend to start any time soon. Work is for women and donkeys.
    • Ice man
      You will enjoy long life.
    • we are dough 68
      Thank you, Master.
  • I retired from acting and modelling at age 31 with a fortune. Now I have a 16 year old daughter to rear. I have moved between Japan and California several times.
  • Who knows. I'm close to starting new path in life.
    • Ice man
      Good luck on your new path, I hope you find happiness.
  • I retired at 50.
  • I retired from employment 10 years ago. I am enjoying my retirement years, though it has taken such a long time for me to reach this part of my life. I have the time to do as much as I want or to do nothing.
  • 52 now, so 51 would have been nice!
  • I hope somewhere in the 60s. I’ve been saving my own retirement saving two years ago. I’m 32.
  • I retired at 50.
  • I was on SSDI from November 2014 until this month (June 2022) when it automatically reverted to "retirement". My health has suffered since I lost my job and I'm focused on staying alive day-by-day.
  • I retired at 50.
  • I think that, in principle, my work in the IT field for the autoxloo company already allows me to retire, as I think the IT field itself is the beginning of the retirement age, you just work until your back and brain fall off))) and then you try to use the money you earned earlier cure all this remaining time.
  • I retired 19 years ago & I took to it like a duck to water. Biggest problem I had was friends who felt that I had "nothing to do" & wanted me to do their errands for FREE. Once I got them straightened out, I'm LOVING IT!!!

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