• almost everything leaks onto the internet nowadays. It happens all the time from people who have had advanced screenings of books and movies. To people working at the warehouse stroing the item and "borrowing" it for a day or so. And no i wont try to read it since it would ruin the ending and there is nothing better than having a book in your hands to read instead of on a computer.
  • If you mean the one which came out on the web in febuary/march its a fake! I did download it but it is obvious from about the 2nd paragraph that it is not JK writing it. I very much doubt the original and final copy has been leaked online tbh.
  • Same happend with the Pirates Of The Carribean script. Everyone got over excited and stupidly believed it was THE script. It's fake.
  • I'm not going to read it since I was never into that whole series. Bu I have a good idea as to how it happened especially if it is a fake. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't a marketing ploy by the publisher to get publicity.Because if you saw how those things are kept before release it would be almost impossible to sneak a copy out a warehouse. You'd lose your job for sure. And advanced copies are sent out to other people in the industry who have a reputation to protect. Also every advanced copy has something diffrent in it or no ending so if it was pirated they would know who did. The fact that's fake speaks volumes to me. That's something a publisher would do to get publicty without acctually putting thier product at risk.
  • No. I'm one of those people who pre-ordered their copy from Amazon. It'll be here on Saturday. No rush.
  • My husband downloaded it for me a couple weeks ago, but I deleted it. I don't want to know what happens just yet, and when I do read it it's going to be in book format. I don't know how it happened, but stuff gets leaked online constantly. This isn't new.
  • I downloaded a 'leaked version' of the last book, it was completely fake, didn't make sense at all. It had a happy ending, voldemort died, harry and his friends survived, snape went to azkaban and the basilisk killed the dursleys!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!
  • No but I am not a reader. I prefer to watch things as my time is limited and I have no patience. Yes I am easily distracted as well. I did however watch the half blood prince online and omg let me tell you it was awesome. I loved it. Anyway if you want to watch it I found it here Let me know what you think.
  • not sure what happened

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