• My opinion is Pastrana came decades after Evel did and it is not Pastrana to take any credit from what Evel Knievel did. Other words he can do his own work. Because, as you said, the technology is different today. Oh BTW I mowed my lawn today and my neurological took a big hit. I feel a bit of it even now.
    • Linda Joy
      I understand. Just getting groceries now days cause me increased (nearly debilitating pain and exhaustion for 2 days! Soon I will be able to get groceries each week instead of having to shop for a month at a time. Oh and fresh produce and dairy will be refreshing as well But there are social programs for people who are no longer able to do some things for themselves anymore. You may want to check on what's available in your area. I commend you for pushing through the challenges and trying to continue to do what you can for yourself though. It's easy to get depressed or overwhelmed and give up. But many of my issues are degenerative and at some point I'll have to face some uncomfortable decisions.
    • Rick Myres
      I know how it is about debilitating pain. I hope you get that truck soon. Ever since my back surgery in 1998 I have been in 24/7 pain. Every doctor treats me like I deserve the pain because I had surgery even the surgeon right after surgery would not renew the pain meds. Grocery shopping is very taxing to say the least. I could easily let my depression come back but I never liked it prayer is my way to escape it. I also know how overwhelming it is too. Yes there are programs for us disabled and I've looked into them before and know ya gotta be careful about choosing them. -:)
  • He's much younger than Evel.
  • have no idea

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