• I just do it for my own health, and not to get infected.
  • I rinse off after being at the urinal, but wash with soap and water if coming out of a stall. After having kids it became engrained in me to always wash to protect them and it just carried over.
  • I wash my hands to avoid health hazards. And if possible, when leaving the bathroom, I don't touch the handle of the door. I use a paper towel if available, or bump the door open with my hip. :)
  • For my own benefit. I am not particularly interested in what people I am never going to see again and who have probably not even noticed me, are liable to be thinking
  • I do it because I should, but I'm shocked and disgusted at how many guys don't bother. Makes me think twice before shaking hands... :P
  • I wash my hands after using the bathroom because not doing so is gross...Not just in public, but at home too.
  • Considering I even wash my hands at home I guess I wash them because I really think I should.
  • Both really. In the restroom here at work there's a hand sanitizer dispenser right next to the soap dispenser so if I'm in a hurry I'll just use that...normally I wash my hands, dry them, THEN use the sanitizer just cuz.
  • I wash for myself. Most men don't and they could care less what I do.
  • I do it because I don't like germs and I certainly don't want to give other people germs.
  • i just wash them because its something ive always done. my mum used to always say to us when we were kids have you washed your hands, when we had been to the loo so im just used to doing it.
  • I always wash my hands..I work in healthcare and am just too aware of how effective handwashing is to not do so!
  • I never did when I was younger I never really cared. Now I always do cuz I am a jerm freak, just touchng the door to the bathroom and the stall is enough to want to wash my hands.
  • I wash them, because i have serious cleanliness issues and do at home anyway. In all honesty i try avoid public toilets, and if i really must use them, i'm one of those really annoying people that take forever while i cover the toilet seat in loo roll, and after washing my hands i use my own rub-in sanitiser, because i very much doubt that the soap they provide is anti-bacterial.
  • I just used a public bathroom, no way in heck I'm going out without washing my hands, thats just disgusting. Can you think about going out to eat, or doing anything after doing that...nasty.
  • I do only because by the time I get into a public bathroom I've probably touched surfaces hundreds of other people who don't wash their hands have touched.
  • I do it at home when no is around so of course I'm going to do it in a public restroom. And I'm going to use the paper towel, if they have them, to open the door because I don't want to be handling that nasty handle which those non-washing people used to get out of the bathroom. Yuck!
  • I usually was them before and after. I am not touching myself after touching tons of surfaces before I got to the restroom.
  • I wash them because I KNOW I really should.
  • Always. For hygienic reasons.

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