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  • Yes. It sounds like he already did.
  • You deserve better. Someone else who needs you is out there who will truely treat you with more respect and kindness. Start looking!
  • I don't mean to sound harsh or cruel because I know it hurts, but if he's ignoring you, he's not into the relationship. Since you ask, yes, I think you should get out now. Don't stay stuck in a one-sided relationship! It'd be a shame if you were so focused on Mr. Softball that you missed meeting a guy who WILL pay attention to you and give your relationship his all. Good luck!
  • I would add, (i.e. one last chance) stop and ask him if he is interested in a committed, exclusive relationship - if not - SEE YA!!!
  • I dont wanna be rude but your 29 and need advice on a subject like this? Do you not have real life friends or any experience to fall back on??? To answer the question, it sounds like he is too immature for the relationship you are after.
  • You don't deserve that at all , so I'm sorry to say yes - move on + 5
  • The age thing is really irrelevant. If the relationship was clicking I'd say go for it. But it's not. If he wanted you there, he would have invited you to the tourney or at least texted you..."You ARE going to be there, aren't you?" or something like that. Stop contacting him. See what happens.

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