• Could it be that you are simply in love with Love, and not really with this specific person? Love usually accompanies friendship, and the ability to enjoy being together, without fighting.
  • I don't know you, nor do i know him, but love is much more than what you explain. I know i have fallen many times by the idea of love, and the craving to fall in love. Of course, you can him, but to be in love is so very different. It sounds unhealthy, and if he's not happy anymore, or at least you feel that like he isn't, then perhaps thats your sign to move on. It's much easier said then done, i know, because i have done it myself. Maybe at the time it felt right, but now maybe it's becoming to feel wrong. Often a lot of fighting in a relationship is a pull between two people, meaning there something else behind little fights, and big fights. You guys need to talk about it, and decide how much its worth saving, and if you want to work on everything. A relationship has its hard times, but love should not be a constant struggle, that i know. Good luck.
  • Okay, let's start with the basics. First, you need to learn to like and love yourself. When you can truly say that you like yourself, that you can adccept yourself without judgment, then you can explore liking, and loving others. If you relly like yourself and respect yourself, then you will choose as friends only those who honor you. I mention this because someone with whom you fight a lot doesn't sound like someone who is honoring you. I don't care what the person says, it's what they do that is important...and what they are doing is fighting with you. So if you feel this attitude of your bf is honoring you, then by all means, enjoy your bf. If, on the other hand, you seek a relationship with someone who treats you with respect and honor, and one whom you can respect and honor, then maybe it's time to change boyfriends. Unless, of course, that you are enjoying the fighting and double-talk.
  • I was once in this same spot. I was always fighting with one of my ex’s it was constant but we always made up because we loved each other, but after one bad fight I finally saw that I did love him just not in the same way as I had before. My love for him had changed and I no longer saw myself with him the same way, it was more as a best friend. I was tired of fighting with someone I felt so close too and knew that the love that I wanted wasn't with him and that if I stayed with him, there would just be more fights and I wasn't going to get what I wanted, and I was passing up other guys that could make me happy. I was afraid of losing him but when it came down to it, it wasn't good or healthy for either of us so I told him that I loved him still just not in the same way. He got mad, and at first I was really hurt by this and it took a bit of time to see passed it all, but in the end I was so much happier and I was able to meet other guys that have made me feel good . This guys isn’t the only guy out there fore you, so if he isn’t making you happy then tell him you’re love for him has changed and open yourself up for a whole new love that is waiting for you.
  • I was in the same situation, then I realized sometimes two people can love each other but they can't be together. Look at the reasons you really want to be with him, are you afraid to start over with someone new, think it will be too hard to find someone else, afraid to hurt him, etc? Sometimes people stay with people in bad situations and they think it's out of love, but really its for another reason. If you REALLY want to stick it out, I'd say try couples therapy.
  • is it love or lust?i am in the same position as you and have been with my partner for 6 years and married for 3 but with a little more complications than yourself.i love my wife but im not in love with her anymore,this is what you need to think about,and is it worth saving your relationship or is it time to move on and start a is crule and hard but somtimes you have to make a sacrifice for the greater good of all .the only person who can do this is you and no one else,dont ever lie to yourself look deep within and find what you realy want ,to just carry on or to move forward in life? its no ones choice apart from yours dont be talked out of things because you will end up back to square 1 LIKE ME but now i realise that that is wrong and i need to move on and have my own space and get my head togetherand then find a new soul mate who loves me for who i am and my faults
  • He sounds like he is used to getting his own way by sulking, you will find it hard to break him away from that, step back and take a good look at where you think your relationship is going.
  • if you love him fight 4 him ,if he has had enough he will say so when hes ready but at least you know you have tryed your best and given love a fighting chance no one said loveing some one was simple love does of luck hope it all turns out as you hope
  • Take a break from him. That way he will miss you and will realise your real worth.
  • You might need to develop some different communication tools since the yelling and whatnot isn't working! P.S. What you're going through is common and normal. We're never taught how to be in a relationship and be successful at it! It takes work. It takes learning and practice, too.
  • Fighting to much in a relationship can be destructive, especially when kids come along. Decide what you want in the relationship and how you want to be treated then go with that decision.
  • You should try to build the relationship that you have. If you think you will find a perfect boyfriend and that there will be no work involved, you're wrong.

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