• Kiss an old flame, shame, shame, shame.... Seriously she has moved on, even if it is to the Rebound Dude (poor him). Anything you do to upset that will be viewed as a direct attack on her happiness and she will hate you even more. Even the most innocent and pitiful displays (like begging for her to come back) will most likely be seen as game playing and your trying to hurt her. Obviously something broke in your relationship - broke enough for her to find a Rebound Dude. Women are fickle and when they find a rebound dude its to get you out of their system - and once that process starts there is no going back. Do yourself a favor, find yourself a Rebound Dudette and move on with your life.
  • It's not for you or anyone else to judge her relationship with someone else as a rebound one however if you are wanting her to re-consider her relationship with you then you need to talk with her about it. Let her know how you feel and give her time to consider all things. While you are doing that - try to concentrate on and feel pleased about any steps you take, no matter how small, along the way - regardless of whether they are steps towards her or steps towards moving on.

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