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  • This is a touchy one. How about you go to your grandma's or somewhere for a few days visit. Leave a very nice letter to your dad, explaining yourself, your feelings, your anquish, the trials you have been through with this, and how much you love and need his support right now. By the time you come home he will have had to calm down quite a bit. I wish you luck but you sound like a strong one who will survive and make your own luck! Go girl!
  • If you're worried about being physically abused, then you'll simply have to keep it secret from him. It's the only safe thing to do. If you feel that you can stand his temper, then you'll have to be direct as possible - he sounds like a rather socially backward individual, and it's quite possible he has very entrenched, pathetic views of women. Being direct will confront him with a contradiction, and that should alleviate any power struggle you'll have to face.
  • It is your life, not his. In this matter, you cannot live your life by what he thinks is "right". I suggest that you be open and honest and he will probably, sooner or later, come to respect and accept you for who you are, not who he thinks you should be. In the long run you must decide whose happiness is more important, yours or his.
  • It's not letting me comment on someone, I've tried twice, so sorry if it sends twice. Oh, and yo. I'm new here, and so utterly desperate for wisdom. =D

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