• You have put this under disc read errors, but I think that it is more likely to be a faulty controller. Have you got another on you can try just to test it ?
  • sounds like one of the buttons on your control is stuck (probably the X button, it happens!). unplug the controler, does this still happen? If no then that is definatly your problem, just go out and buy a new control pad. If yes then make sure all controlers are unplugged and try again, if that still doesent help then it could be a hardware problem and tbh if it is a hardware problem the best solution would be to just buy a new ps2, there cheap now anyway. But try the controler, its probably what the problem is
  • Sounds like you have sticky buttons..they can be the downfall of any game controller. You could try...pressurized air...maybe...a very small bit of moisture along with repetitive pushes of the infected buttons? If it isn't sticky is then most likely a hardware electrical problem...then...I don't know what to tell you. If it isn't either of those...maybe...does it happen on specific games, could it be a game glitch? Does it happen in the PS2 menu?
  • if its the controller thats messed up blow on the plug and the controller port and try it
  • Thanks for your replies. It's not a problem with the controllers. They work fine. Nothing sticks. The problem just started a few days ago and it is happening with every game my daughter puts in, so I think it's a problem with the actual ps2 console, not the games. She also gets a disc read error when it starts sometimes. When the games do finally start it's like they're posessed or something. Characters start jumping around and moving on their own without anyone moving them. And it clicks on options without anyone touching the controller. Some games won't start at all. I can't afford to buy a new ps2 right now even though they're cheap, so that's not an option for me at this time. I was hoping I could find a cleaner or something for it that might fix the problem. Like VCR's have head cleaners... So there must be some kind of cd cleaner that will clean the inside of a ps2. At least I hope so since I'm on a budget. :)
  • The same was happening to my PS2, it kept on stalling at certain screens and doing random things. PS2's just wear out with time just like anything would. I just went out and bought a new one. If you don't want to do that then take it down to the shop where you bought it and ask them to take a look at it.
  • Well, hopefully they won't charge me an arm and a leg to fix the problem.
  • it could possibly be that the cord for the controller is blocked or not inserted properly. ps2's do have a problem that if you hold or press buttons on loading screens the button will be repeatedy "pressed" when loaded. if that's the problem just ubplug the controller and plug it back in. the ps2 probably can't read a disk because it's so darn picky and can't read anything with 1 ity bity scratch or it could be that the light on your ps2 is about to die and therefore the whole console needs to be replaced.
  • The problem is more likey a bad controller. Sony purposeley disigns the controllers to fail after some many years so they can profit from you purchasing a new one. If you have a small phillips screw diver you can disassemble the bad controller and see for yourself the bad disign. After disassembling the controller you will notice the flat clear cable held to the circuit baord by white foam. The contacts have problably degenerate and the contacts no longer make prodper connections, thus a poorly deisgned product. So go buy a new one and your problem will be solved. Please send Sony a thank you for again disigning another poorly disigned product. regards
  • Buy new one from Value Village
  • Another thing that i've discovered is that if you are sending a text message, don't put your phone near your controller because that will send signals to the controller and cause buttons to be pressed without you pressing them. The same applies if you are receiving a text.
  • get a new controller. same thing happend on my gamecube untill i replaced the controller

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