• It's better than my middle school, so yes. My middle school was absolutely hellish, while my high school is full of mainly pretty decent people, even if I came there the year we got a new (and worse) principal.
  • Yes! It was amazing. Our class was so tight. Too bad it's all over now.
  • Meh...I liked aspects of high school. I preferred University, though.
  • Aye.. A place to house delinquents for at least part of the day.
  • I was a 100% nerd in high school. I was on the chess team, played on the intramural bowling team and generally did well in all subjects except physics. I was a little too introverted at the time to fully appreciate it like most normal kids would have. I supposed I still had unresolved traumas from my parents' divorce that hadn't been resolved properly for me to have had a normal childhood. Thank God those years are well behind me.
  • Not really, I enjoyed seeing my friends but was always eager to get out & explore the real world. Funny how when your younger your eager to get older, but when you get older you want to act younger. Go figure.
  • Glad to get there and glad to get out.
  • NO!!!!!!
  • i hated it. a lot of people in my class pissed me off frequently, as well as the teachers. i was pretty miserable in high school really, i hardly ever went. the details are hazy as to how i was able to graduate...
  • Not at all :)
  • well i still am in high school, there are alot of things i like about it, but alot of things i hate. but it really depends on who you allow yourself to associate with. or how easy your molded into whats cool that week. i like it because my school is amazing, most everyone is envolved and really cultured, or just stupidly funny. i dont want to stay there forever though. its a good part of my life but im ready to leave it behind when the opportunity presents itself.
  • NO!!! But I made it thru anyhow
  • no i didn't have that great of a time. it was difficult, i hung out with the freaks/stoners/goths/punks/hippies/ect..almost all of my friends were eventually expelled.. one by one. it seemed like campus security had it in for us... i somehow managed to slip through and graduate. i liked my teachers alright, it was those preppy, white, happy-go lucky kids that got to me. growing up in a suburb is hard especially once you realize how screwed up everything is... there is nowhere to vent, nowhere to just hang out and try and make sense of everything.
  • High school for me is the shiiit! Im mostly smart, have a band, play the electric and bass guitar, have lots of friends, lots of money, and most and best of all, i have the best and hottest girl in the whole school (in my opinion =]). High school is awesome!

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