• This might be clutching at straws a little, but I had the same problem on my Hewlett Packard Ipaq pocket PC. I eventually tracked it down to the bluetooth feature; apparently even when bluetooth is supposedly turned off on many portable devices, it's only actually in standby. This means that if someone wonders into range (say, for example, on the street outside with a bluetooth phone) your iPod would wake up when it picked up the bluetooth. This would then discharge the battery if it didn't properly go back to sleep again. So, if you have a bluetooth add on or built in, disable it prior to turning the machine off.
  • There is a way to re-format I believe it's called. The screen that pops up on itunes when you plug your iPod in has the button. It will take all information off and reset it to the factory settings. I had a problem with mine and this helped. Most strange "possessed" problems can be dealt with this way. If you already tried this than you are SOL, warranty people at Apple can be really helpful I found though. Good luck (-:
  • Here's the best answer I've found and it's an easy fix: It looks like the alarm clock got turned on!
  • reboot it again
  • Try to force restart iPod and recharge the device. Or use an iOS repair tool to like TunesKit to fix such issue. You can find more in:

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