• Do you have a dirty job? Were you at the beach? In a factory? Inhaling any kind of....dirt?
  • you may be blowing your nose to much. That happens to me to. It could be second hand smoking
  • Dirt in the air? you EVER have a cheery thing to say? You're questions and answers are always depressing and down. Are you a depressed person?!
  • I have the same problem. i'm a happy person, I dont smoke, i work in a clean office and live no where near a beach. I am however prone to sinus infections and I wonder if its a sinus issue. Also even if a person was depressed what would black stuff comming out of your nose have to do with that?
  • Well.. im n ot a doctor or anything, but u could have sumthing in ur nostrols that makes stuff come out.. u feeling ill the last few weeks ?
  • Were you: Working on your car? Sitting near a campfire or fireplace? Cleaning a grill, stove, or barbecue? Doing any kind of "dirty work" (cleaning your attic, etc.)? I used to work as a grill cook, and I'd get the same thing pretty much daily. In fact, I remember when I used to train a new kid on how to clean the vent hood, I'd always tell him: If you wake up tomorrow, blow your nose, and black stuff DOESN'T come out, that means you're not doing this right.
  • This happened to my friend. She doesn't smoke either. She went to the doctors and it turned out that she had lung cancer due to severe second hand smoke. Her parents smoked like a chimney. Every person is different thought, depending on your situation. I think the best thing for you to do is consult a doctor. It may not be any thing but it's better to be safe then sorry :)
  • Black stuff could also be dried blood
  • I used to get that when I travelled on the Underground in London - have you been in a dirty environment?
  • Have you been eating coal?
  • It could be blood.
  • Hi just googled, and found this thread. Me and my girlfriend went to bed last night same as normal, and we both just woke up with some kind of black tar in our nostrils, it took ages to clean out! This is a bit worrying, one person I could understand, but both of us is a bit bloody strange. The onlything we did diferently is this; my girlfriend suffers from snoring, so she bought a spray that is sparyed down your throat, it just tasted like peppermint, but this can't make your nostrils covered in black tar? Can it? Tonight we agreed that she would spray it, and I wouldn't to see what the results are tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. If anyone knows why this happend, please let us know.
  • Same thing is happening to me. This morning I woke up and it looks like dust or soot. It's not dried blood and besides I've never had a nose bleed
  • ok so i work for a lung specialist and at the present moment i'm also battling smoking cessation. For the past two weeks when, i blow my nose I have blood and obvious black strains of unknown origin.. I'm quite worried at this point b/c given the circumstance that I'm a long time smoker its a good possibility I've developed a serious lung disease or lung cancer. I'm 24 and I'm laying the cigs down but it may be to late for me so please don't smoke.......

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