• Tell them the good reasons, and say 1 or 2 bad reasons to show that your reasons aren't lies.
  • ask around your neighborhood and see if there's anyone who'd appreciate you walking their dog. if you do a good job your parents might get you one and you might get paid.
  • i think you should save up your money and be as responsible as you can then look up and research the particular breed that you want (to show that you are really serious about what you want)and have a talk with them explaining how you have been responsible and know what your getting into...
  • Good advise in the other answers. If they have a history of having dogs, your chances may be better. If not, maybe see if you can keep a friend's dog over the weekend, but choose a nice sedate housetrained dog for the experiment!
  • You can show them that you are responsible by making your bed every day , and keeeping your room nice and half way neat ..... Also; talk about the poor dogs at the dog pound that will be "put down" soon ... and how nice it would be to RESCUE one from the jaws of death ... (That is where I usuallly get my dogs from ) Then; as suggested ; volunteer to walk other peoples dogs ... and even agree to sign a list of Dog keeping chores ... like : YOU, feeding, watering, walking , playing with, cleaning up after ... the dog ... IF you get one.
  • Don't get a dog if you are unable to take care of him. He needs to walk and exercise everyday. You need to tell your parents that it's a lot of responsibilities and that you are aware and are willing to take care of. Do you know what kind of dog you want?
  • Think for yourself how can you be responsible. Can you take a dog out to pee? Can you take her to a doctor? Dog causes a lot of med. expenses. That is why it may be difficult to talk your parents into.
  • every kid needs a dog - check out books at the library that will help you learn about the dog you want and how to train it, if you can talk about it in terms of training and responsibility rather than blanket promises of "i will take of it" they will take you more seriously. Good Luck+3.
  • We bought for our daughter a small dog because she promised us to be care about her pet. But what happend now. We are going with our dog to walk and pee outside because our daughter is busy. We are watching for the dog when our daughter is going with friends. All her promises are fail. Now the dog is ours. Why many parents don't want any pets at home. If you are responsible for other things and your parents know about that you will be happy. But if you sometimes made something wrong, will be too difficult convince your parents.

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