• I believe that they have the right to tell you that you must go to there doctors.since it happened at work. On w/c after 30 days you have the right to change to any doctor of your choice .
  • No, for the first 30 days you must do what they say. You have to let their doctor look at you. After that, YOU can pick any doctor you want and do what kind of treatment that doctor says. It's the way workman's comp works (or doesn't LOL!!!) And they don't tell you about this 30 day thing. They just make it seem like you have to use their doctor. But our chiropractor told us all about the rules and we went to him for my husband's therapies. They didn't like it but that's too bad.
  • Remember that these doctors are on the payroll of the employer and they will deny you till the end. Best to go along with their program at first, then go seek your own doctors opinion. I fell at work and broke my neck and shoulder. the workmans comp. doctor denied i had any injury. disgusted and hurting after 30 days of a neck brace, i sought a second opinion. this doctor immediately put me in a hospital and i had both surgeries. i sued and won.
  • i think you have a right to see whoever you want
  • I worked in work comp. for 16 years. They are not bullying you, really. Because you were injured at work, they are liable. Because of that, you must see their pre designated doctor. After 30 days ( varies by state), you then can select your own doctor.
    • lavender
      I should add to that - if you don't see their pre designated doctor, then you forfeit the right of free medical, free prescribtions, etc, and you will will pay out of pocket.
  • you should be able to refuse
  • you should be able to refuse

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