• yes and yes
  • My ex mother-in-law bought us a table and chairs as a house warming gift and when she gave it to us she told me that when we got divorced she wanted it back. And no, my ex did not stick up for me. Perhaps that's why he's my ex.
  • Yep, she helped my ex-husband make a false alegation to Children's Services about me. Next time maybe she pretends to be the nurse at my son's doctors office she won't use her name. Like the socila worker wasn't going to figure that one out. And in 7 years not once did he ever stick up for me with any one. He even blamed for his dad assulting me.
  • yes my ex mother in law was mean to me and my ex took up for me.
  • my mother in law also made a false statement to child services about me regarding my son (due to the fact that i will not let her see her after she physically threatened me and my son's physical therapist). she had no valid points or proof of anything so they basically just laughed at her because she made an idiot of herself. my husband did stick up for me and told her to mind her own business, but there were situations in the past where he did not stick up for me when he should have. she is the biggest reason why we argue, and i took a while for my husband to realize that and start sticking up for me. after all, my husband's father sticks up for his wife, why shouldnt my husband stick up for his wife? of course, when he does, they accuse him of siding against his family, meaning them. i just dont give her the time of day anymore, and when my son is old enough to talk, he will be able to tell me how often his grandmother tells him that i dont care about him (she said that twice already to me in front of him)
  • My husband and i have been together a few years and we have a daughter together. At the beginning it was wonderful. She always wanted me to come over and help in the garden or something and then when she saw how serious we were actually gettin, slowly she started changing. Then when i got pregnant...forget it...She should have been put in the looney bin! my husbands 2 OLDER brothers wont even get girlfriends, afraid of what shes might do! and yes SOMETIMES my husband sticks up for me...Sometimes he just says "Give her time, she will some around"
  • Many things. My favorite one was when she invited us over for Christmas day and since they love society I asked what I should wear. She said not to worry, it would be just family and we were going to hang out in our sweats and play games all day. When we arrived we found out there was a full blown Christmas party going and everyone was dressed to the nines! She looked at me and just smiled. My husband never stood up for me, not until the last few years. They always held the promise of money over his head.
  • Of course! My MIL had a very hard time "allowing" me to be a part of my husband's life even though we lived in VA and she lived in FL. She came right out of the gate "nasty". When my husband and I took her to view the venue for our wedding she took me aside and said, "You are a lieing, conviving, manipulative little B&^%$. I know you are forcing my son to marry you. I won't let it happen, over my dead body". Then she proceeded to cancel our contract on the venue. Over a period of 4 years she continued at a strong pace in this manner, until one day she slipped up in front of my husband - who claims his mother would never says those things. The seed of doubt was planted and more confirmation of her "true feelings" towards me soon followed. It took those 4 years for my husband to believe me and to finally "listen" to what I was saying.
  • I'll address this from the opposite perspective. While my parents were staying at our house my mother once said a quite nasty thing to my wife. I told her that she should go home the next day. If her home had been close enough to get to immediately I would have told her to leave immediately. Fortunately a night's sleep and time to contemplate on what she had said led her to apologise.
  • My mother-in-law, is a real nasty MIL. She will only show her true colours when we are alone while she put up a very pitiful look in front of the rest of the family. Apart from myself, she also ill-treats her mother-in-law without people knowing and make her husband scold and hit his mother! She only trust people who will do the same nasty things with her. Like once when I was abroad with my husband and daughter, she brought her maid to ransack my room and re-arrange the things in the way she liked. Apart from that, she has also all the while disliked my daughter. I remembered during the third day of my confinement when I went back, she told me to tell my mother to do some superstituous action so that they next born would be a boy. I told all these to my husband and the family members but they all say she don't mean it that way!! Until yesterday, she came storming into my room without knowing the actual truth and start yelling at me for protecting my own kids. What really happened is that both my brother-in-law (Mark and Sim) has been giving nasty names and remarks to my kids together with their kids. In no doubt as a mother myself I would be angry!! Yet this nasty MIL came in and scolded me for complaining to my husband about what happened. This time my husband finally spoke up for me to the unreasonable MIL. Guess what she said? She say "Oh I didn't know your Bro-in-law said that..." and not a single word of apology from her!
  • my mil has always treated me husband has finally started standing up for me.I lost my dad in Oct. and our son was the one that found him lying on the front porch.She never called and checked on us,not even her grandson.Instead she took up with his girlfriend that had caused problems with the family for the past 10 years.She even let her move into the same house with her.Now my husband isn't speaking to her at all.My dad and this woman hadn't spoke in a few days before his dealth.She told him she wished she could watch him take his last breath and die.My MIL knew what type of person she is and how hurt I was from losing my dad to say the least she made my dad's last few years miserable and then she takes up with her.She's never treated our son like her grandson,but she has 3 other grandchildren that only get the best,our son gets no birthday or christmas presents,but she always throws them a big party which we are not invited to.Christmas she invited my dad's gf but not us.This was the first Christmas in 38 years I was away from my dad,and I was there for her when she lost her dad.But she'll find out in the long run what type of person she has living in her house and I can't wait,I will finally get to see her learn a lesson the hard way.She's the type that knows everything so all I can say is more power to her,right?She'll see before it's over with.This person will steal her blind,she's leaving her in her house while she works,and she's supporting her like she's her child or something.My dad's gf is 40 and today my dad turned 75 so that tells you alot about it all she wanted was someone to take care of her,and that's what he done,now my MIL is taking care of her.
  • She makes comments all the time about how much I eat, and at family gatherings she stares at me whilst I'm eating. She always makes sure no one is around to hear/see so I sound like a bitchy lunatic when I tell my husband about it. He knows what she's like though, so he believes me.

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