• I ask them if they are expert and then remind them that an "ex" is a has been and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure!
  • You might ask them why they are working so hard at putting down other people. You should allow these toxic people to find other friendship opportunities so that you can have more time putting positive people into your life. As far as put-downs or comebacks I can think of several you could zap these intelligent idiots with but, the truth be known is you`ve just wasted your mental energy on someone who is a waste of time.
  • I just smile and nod. If someone is convinced they are right they will go to any lengths to prove you wrong. Besides you can learn something from anyone! It can be really annoying sometimes though, you just wish they would shut-up for once. Its even worse when you know you are right but they make you look like an idiot anyway! Grr!
  • They aren't making you feel stupid, YOU are, they are just showing off. (Which isn't real smart when you think of it, is it)? Just go on about your own business of conversing and nevermind what they are blabbering about. Nobody listens to a big-headed blowbag after awhile. Just like yourself and what YOU have to say.
  • I think The person should be told they are making me or others feel stupid, If they are intelligent, they will realise their mistake, apollogise, and stop doing it in future. Anyone who doesnt is just a very unpleasant person (in those or in other words ;)) And likely not very intelligent!.
  • ...turn the tables on them and ask them something very random ...i find myself in those odd situations so my perogative is bull***t baffles brains, flip it back on them or answer a question with another question its very annoying to the other lol but it works!!
  • I would reverse the method. I would simply say, and act sincere, its a shame you are so smart and know all this stuff and missed your calling. They would say why and you would say because with all you know, you are still here with us doing the same job as we are.
  • People who "act smart" are looking to recognition most of the time because they're insecure about their ability to be likeable ...In my opinion everybodys smart, just in different ways... My younger brother is really smart maths-wise,I think he has a really logical brian or something,at 14 he used study college grade Alegbra for fun and is really quick with problems......but he has few friends and hates going out, he's a bit awkward and isnt seen as cool in social situations What I'm trying to say is everybody has their talents and their failings. people that brag about being super intelligent should realise that. Nobodys any better than anyone else. (It all sounds cliche doesn't it!) But anyway, dont take any notice, I'm sure the person is just waiting for you to give him/her some attention. dont.
  • Thank them for their comments and then look for another place to sit or others to talk to. Who needs that?? They won't keep friends for long...
  • Give a deep sigh, smile weakly, and say nothing.
  • if they correct me, sometimes: "Ah, you understand what I am saying [well enough to correct me] -- then I have successfully communicated" it happens that I have studied QM more thoroughly than anybody who's tried to tell me all about it, so I kind of glaze over -- if they wanted to learn my perspective on it, I'd tell them, but so far they haven't how about: look at them in fascination for a while, drinking it in, then: "Do you know the tip of your nose bobs up and down whenever you say a word that begins with p?" or: "So THAT's why Einstein killed himself!"
  • Golden Rule have you ever tried to show off? what would be the best way to deal with you? "wow" "you're really smart, you must have gone to school from when you were, like, six, to at least eighteen" well, maybe that last one is not so golden
  • You can't deal with 'know-it-alls,' quit trying. The good thing is that everyone else can't stand them either!
  • I feel that people who talk themselves up and try and over-shadow people have something they are insecure about... Usually people that are the smartest are most humble, because they just... know...
  • "Nobody can put you down without your permission" Eleanor Roosevelt No one can "make" you feel anything. It is all with you.
  • i dont deal with them at all

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