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  • No. A cheat is a cheat. What's he/she going to "experimen"t with next time? No, all liars and cheats out the door.
  • Nope, that is a deal breaker. I could not forgive a closeted homosexual, all bets are off.
  • No, it's still cheating, and if there is no remorse, there is no way to forgive.
  • There really wouldn't be a difference. Somehow, though, maybe cheating on me with someone of his gender would introduce the added element of "is he lying about his whole persona"? Both would likely get him a swift ticket to not-my-problemanymore-land.
  • Yes, it's just the same as being with someone of the oppiste sex. I'd be gone before it got to the part about it being with a guy.
  • If my boyfriend was cheating on me with a woman that would be the end of it. At least if he was gay, I would only have to worry about half the Earth's population, if he was a closet straight guy I would have over 6 billion people to worry about!
  • Hell no, he might want to experiment agin.
  • I would feel the same no matter what. Cheating is cheating.
  • Go get "tested" asap I was alway told" If you did it Once you will do it again. and it's Always better the second time around. I don't know your relationship, My heart goes out to you! Please go get tested. And find some along time Just 4 You. You have some soul searching to do!! Good luck (sak)
  • I would....laugh in shock and.... i really dont know. I wouldnt tell anyone. I think i would still be with him because i am thinking of the person i am with now and I love him very much. If he cheated on me with a woman i would leave him.
  • Its still cheating, regardless of the gender of the person they cheated with.
  • Cheating is cheating no matter who the cheating was done with. I'm pretty sure I would feel confused, jealous, extremely hurt, crushed, heartbroken and upset.
  • I would feel angry and betrayed, but something inside of me wouldn't be as devastated as if it were with someone female. I don't know why I feel this way.
  • Cheating is cheating irrespective of the sex of the partner. If they feel its alright to cheat because it was just experimentation does that mean they would feel it was alright to have an orgy because it was just experimentation? They made a commitment to one person and broke that commitment. For me, I would forgive them and then move on without them because I would never trust them again.
  • I would be OVER no matter what the details were!
  • I dunno...coming from the perspective of someone who is in a same-sex relationship with someone who was born biologically male but identifies as a female... If my future wife cheated on me with a guy (which is how I'm interpreting this question to our circumstances) I think I would actually feel worse about it than if it was with a girl. I think I would feel cheated doubly, because even though she said it meant nothing, I'd still be insecure that maybe she was only with me because she didn't know how to tell me she wasn't attracted to me like that. But that's just because I'm insecure anyway X_X
  • you know, i dont know if i could handle that, i mean if he asked me permission, which he never would because he is so straight, i would be curious to why he'd ask, i dont think i could stay with him after if he didnt or did, because you either know ur straight or your not. i dont know that is a toughy. it is cheating either way.
  • Thats happened to me before! Except, it was me telling the dude about it >.< However, he knew that I was Bi and shrugged it off. He'd been with me for months and he knew I was in love with him, that I let him play with other girls (even if its in front of me- like, an open relationship I guess) and he felt no threat with me and another girl. Actually, he asked if I had a video! XD
  • goodbye.
  • Yeah I'd be really pi$$ed off!!! cheating is cheating my friend, doesn't matter which sex it is, it's still being unfaithful to you, and if I was you, I wouldn't put up with it, boot the bastard out!!!!
  • I'd be done with him no doubt. He could experiment all he wanted because I'd be outta there.
  • Been through this exact same thing of late (although switch the genders around) and it hurts just the same, if not worse. Not only does it make you feel that you were not "good" enough, that they felt they should experiment, but also that they cheated. I would've stayed with them though, because I am weak in that regards.
  • It depends what he meant by 'cheating'. It also depends on the circumstances around the 'cheating' and a lot of other things.
  • cheating is cheating, does a pink knife in the back hurt less?
  • THAT IS NOT EXPERIMENTING if this is a guy they are definately gay. I think you should forgive them because I cant imagine what they are going through...but you also need to get out of that relationship
  • If it meant nothing, he/she shouldn't have done it.
  • Honestly it would be completely different to me if my partner slept with another woman but that wouldn't change that it was done behind my back. I'd prefer a relationship that was honest and open. I don't know if I'd leave her for that but if it were another man I think I would.
  • well i don't condone it being done behind my back, but if my partner wanted to experience same-sex sex, i would be completely open as long as i have a chance to meet this person, and we both agree that it is just experimenting. I trust her that much, Lesbians are hot, and just because a guy wants to see if he likes same-sex sex that does not mean that he is not capable of loving a woman.
  • if its a guy on guy its an abomination the same with a girl on girl seek god people ok
  • If this is their attitude on having a relation with someone of the same sex, I would be worried because its sounds like they are incapabale of loving either sex exclusively and will blurr and cross the lines several times. They will never know if they are in love with someone or just friends.
  • cheating is cheating. he obviously doesnt think enough of you to cheat on you. drop him xx
  • I sure wouldn't know my partner very well and it would creep me out. +4
  • I would most definitely not stay with him... I would be out the door. I don't care if he was experimenting, I don't care if it meant nothing, or it was the same sex or the opposite - as far as I am concerned he threw our relationship down the toilet. In a way, it is even worse that it "meant nothing" that would show just how little he thought of our relationship.. less than nothing.
  • so if it hadn't meant nothing they wouldn't be honest with you?it would be worse because I consider homosexuality a sin but it would be better because straight sex would have someone entering her body. either way I expect myself never to forgive a cheater again, then again I never though I could forgive things I have in the past.
  • Cheating is cheating, regardless of gender.....which brings up another thing to worry about. I'd leave or kick the cheater out.
  • I'd be turned on if my girlfriend was to sleep with another girl.
  • The fact that they deceived you would be the same, irrespective of the gender of the person they cheated with. If they wanted to be honest with you they would have told you beforehand rather than after.
  • A violation of "trust". . . . . .is. . . . . . .a violation of "trust". Period! And, yes, I probably WOULD leave them!
  • Does that mean if it did mean something they wouldn't have been honest? WTF? I would not feel the same as if it were opposite sex, but the end result would be the same. STD's don't discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual preference! Lack of monogamy is a deal breaker for me.

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