• Bleach is toxic. It shouldn't be placed on your skin and certainly NOT on your facila skin as it's very thin compared to other skin. Even your thick skinned hands react strongly with bleach. DO not do this.
  • Not unless you want serious chemical burns that will scar you
  • Seriously, I hope your pet jumped up and typed this question because you should certainly know that bleach is a toxic chemical. It can cause burns and scarring. As for the dark spot, see a dermatologist or learn to live with it. It makes you unique.
  • No! it will make things worst!
  • I just started using Dr. Fred Summit Skin Whitener which I purchased from Walmart for $2.99. It contains 2% hydroquinone which is the active ingredient that actually helps fade dark areas. It is working wonders for me in a short amount of time. Good luck.

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