• Depends on the size.... of the tattoo not the face.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol 2-3 in? Light skin and dark skin scenarios.
  • probably too much, i dont bother with tattoos since i dont like needles
    • Linda Joy
      I don't have one and most likely won't get one. The last time I considered getting a tattoo was when my medications were causing hand tremors and I could no longer apply my facial makeup like I had done previously and thought about getting makeup permanently tattooed on my eyes mostly. But then I got even older and the lids started to sag so I figured what's the point? ! May as well just convince myself laugh lines are prettier anyway! Haha
  • Sounds like doing it the hard way -- in Hollywood, they paint them on.
    • Linda Joy
      very good point mushroom and aren't you the smart one! Actually it was a book idea for a detective mystery type book where it would have to look real enough to fool an intimate partner for years Thank you!

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