• Yes, McD's and a cardboard box. I don't need much
  • Not a chance in hell. It costs me more than $5 per day in gasoline just to drive to work.
  • If I had to, sure. I've lived on five dollars a WEEK before. Bread is cheap and water is free. Luxuries like the internet, even a home phone are not necessities if you have a working mobile/cell phone and are frugal with your calls, or if you have a bar on outgoing calls (excluding emergency calls). If you need to go somewhere, you walk. If you can't there, you don't go. It's not easy and it sure as hell isn't comfortable, but it can be done. People live on incredibly small amounts of money all the time - and with families to look after, too.
  • Some days, yes. But on average, obviously not
  • The necessities for sustained life are as follows: 1) Food 2) to be able to bathe 3) to be able to keep warm and sleep somewhere 4) you'll need something to do with your time all day (I'm assuming this person with only $5 has no job to go to). .......Can you do these things on $5 a day? can use McDonalds as your bathroom, and source of paper products (grab a wad of napkins every time you go through); and you can eat really bad food (though not from McDonalds, because you can't even afford that...No, you'll have to go to a food bank, and they'll give you soup you can eat right of a can without heating it, and peanut butter and stale bread and that's about it. With some of your precious cash, get some dirt cheap instant coffee and keep a gallon water bottle always refilled (from various gross sources)(not a pond, that will make you sick)...and there's your coffee and drinks (you wont be able to heat the coffee, just stir it into the room temperature water, no milk... yum, move over Martha Stewart). And this will keep you from starving to death, though eating this way, you WILL become anemic after a year,no matter what you do, so this isn't sustainable for a long period. --- For killing your time, you can hang out with the other hobos (oh, what fun, they will tell you about the government being behind everything, and about "real" aliens, and who's who in their society. Yay.). good so far on $5, but you may have trouble being able to bathe, if you can't drive to a lake where you can swim naked with some soap. And you will have to buy soap, and toothpaste and tylenol, instant coffee, and occasional things you'd rather die than be without. So I'm gonna say yes, under ideal circumstances, and though much of your $5 a day will need to go to NON-FOOD ITEMS. And death might start to seem preferable after about 7 or 8 months of this. And what will you do when it snows? Suicide? ....But hey, vote republican anyway, even though they're the heartless criminalss who've caused rampant homelessness and poverty in America, so that there'd be people who know this stuff, because, wouldn't want to be an insane libtard would you? There ya go.
  • I think this is heavily dependant on the availability of social programs in your area and the kindness and generosity of others. I was sustained for two years in a homeless situation while waiting for my disability case to go to court at which time I had NO income. Because of the support of others I never once went without food, clothing, shelter, medical care spiritual/moral support, love and encouragement! I'd say I actually had it better than most ppl in that sense at one of the most difficult times in my life!
    • Linda Joy
      I just noticed the last part of the question. This would depend again on resources is foraging for food an option? Many plants have edible parts. If you must buy food, oats, rice, pasta, carrots, banana, corn, grits and potatoes are inexpensive and filling sugar is a cheap energy source, though it may cause cravings in some ppl Do you have shelter? Libraries, malls and such if you cannot abide a homeless shelter, or camping may suit you better. Thrift stores are useful a water source is essential for bathing and drinking. Libraries are also useful for internet/information i.e. how to make an origami cup for drinking although refilling a bottle would be less temporary. It is possible to shower using a 2L bottle of water. Once again knowing your particular situation would help me give a more useful answer.

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