• get rid of the husband??? :) If that is not an option, consider what he is wearing in the way of aftershave or the like. Also consider is voice, deep voices tend to unsettle some animals. Animals sense things in people we can not sense, perhaps he is uncomfortable with the cat and she is picking it up? I would say that gentleness and time in his arms will break her of the habit if she can learn that he is not a threat.
  • spray your husband with the cat spray that stops them from scratching your fruniture.. or get rid of the cat and get a dog!
  • She is doing as kittens do - playing, believe it or not. Invest in some toys - ping pong balls, things on pieces of string hung up, toy mice. Or make your own - long piece of string with a small piece of newspaper tied to the end - they love to chase things so drag it around corners (favourite) and under things (such as a sheet of newspaper). If she was scared of your husband she would his, spit and growl at him and her ears would go back - you would know instantly. If she was with other kittens (or adults) she would be rolling around play fighting with them. Don't worry about what he is wearing - cats see in black and white or things like aftershave - won't make any difference. Make sure you are both holding her correctly (scoop with one hand under tum and use the other to support her back feet). Touch her lots and pick up so she becomes used to it and when she is tired let her sleep. When awake, play with her ALWAYS using her toys and not your hands - otherwise when she is an adult she will have learnt that hands are to be played with and it will hurt and scratch you. She will practice on you (stalking and attempts to scare you with all hair standing up) - give her a mirror if you want to see something funny and wait for the side-ways walking thing - it's great.
  • Try not to play games with your kitten that involves your hands,use toys you can get a glove with hangy things on. If you play games like that with your hands the kitten will think this is ok.They do grow out of this its part of learning. When the kitten does this you can meow as if your in pain the kitten will soon learn this is not acceptable.
  • maybe he shouldnt hold her then

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