• Different country in Europe has different laws so it really depends on the country he's from. What country is he from?
  • Your marriage in Europe will not be legal. If you get married, your husband can file a criminal case for bigamy against you. If you ever come back to the Philippines, which most probably you will do, being your place of birth, you will be in big trouble. To avoid this, You file an annulment case against your husband in the Philippines. It will take about 3 months to finish and the fee is reasonable. Try to contact a lawyer at for the legal steps to take.
  • You gold digger!
  • Annulment is there for a such a reaon- so that idiots dont contract two marriages at the same time!!! Annulment is just another word for divorce except it has to be mutual. Changing places does not redeem you from a previous bond. You have to sever that bond first. The problem is annulment has to be mutual.If your husband wont allow it you can never marry. Why is it so typical of Filipinos to spread their mess everywhere? They are chronic debt makers and relationship makers- overlapping one another.

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