• Comfortable shoes (ones that you can walk in if anything happens, bad or good), the numbers to the people you want to call in case of any kind of emergency, cash for a cab, enough money to pay for dinner in case anything happens, a backup lipstick or gloss, and then the obvious usuals: Keys, cell, whatever else is a usual requirement. Change if you need to use the pay phone. Alot of these things seem like worst case scenario items, but honestly I have had to use them all a time or two. I've had some really bad dates, and sometimes shit happens. He forgets his wallet, we went for a walk in the park so my feet were killing me, I left the date early and took a cab home, a friend got left on the side of the road and left her purse in the guy's car. Luckily she had her money in her bra, just in case, and could call for a cab. Anything can happen.

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