• it just doesn't look right. Don't do it.
  • No way! That can be quite sexy. (BTW , Thanks!)
  • Nope. I find taller women very attractive in general. :)
  • Intimidate? No. But I recognize that we'd look ridiculous. I've done it before, and she was penchant to wearing heels which just made things worse.
  • Well I've yet to date a woman taller than me but I am not opposed to the idea, height seems like such a frivolous thing when you're looking for a relationship. everyone in my family has a girlfriend or wife that is at least three or four inches taller than them.
  • I've never been with a taller woman. I think I'd be fine with it unless she were 6 inches taller than me. Hahaha!
  • i prefer it. i'm 6'3, so any girl taller than me is pretty exotic in my opinion. and i find that a turn on.
  • My first girl friend had a growth spirt before me. When we danced my head was in her boobs, I quite liked it. She however ended it just because I was too short. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
  • Maybe. I'm 6'7", and I'm not really used to seeing people taller than I am, especially women. Though I wouldn't mind dating a taller lady. We can walk the inner city streets, and watch all the gang-bangers run to the other side of the street, and clear out of those scary caged in liqor stores when we stomp in for our twin magnum bottles of champagne.
  • Not me.
  • Yeah, it actually does, but I suck it up.
  • Idk if its intimidating... but its not very comfortable. I get insecure. Ha thats not my thing
  • I'm 5 6 and i dated a girl for a year and half who was 5 9.. we had a great relationship but decided to become friends... I was nervous about the height difference at first but now it's kinda sexy cause i like nice long legs. but i wouldn't date a girl taller than her a little too uncomfortable. Just a quick bang? Sure. but i doubt any 6 foot girl is going to be attracted to a guy half a foot shorter then she is
  • It depends on how much taller. It would be ok if the woman is less than 2 inches taller than me. +4

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