• Ok I can not answer for all parents but no I do not sent my kids to play in yours or any one elses yard. a big open yard is a temptation for any kid. I would just go to the peoples house and explain it to them maybe they do not even know what is going on. good luck
  • Well I can't help you with your second question, but my parents never built me a swingset so I would just go to the neighbor's all the time. I never got hurt, but I don't think my parents would have taken it out on them anyway.
  • Sadly, if they do get hurt on your property, you can be held liable. I have the same problem with a couple of neighborhood kids who frequent our yard, garage, back deck, and god only knows where else. I've run those kids off a hundred times, but I can't seem to make any LASTING impact that will keep them away. Just a few minutes ago, I caught the youngest one out on our back deck, nosing around in MY kids' sandbox. When I opened the door to tell him to get his butt home, he grabbed a toy out of the sand and took off with it. I had to stop myself from marching over to his house and letting his parents know that our home and yard is NOT some kind of free-for-all. Those kids have no business here. MY kids are very young, and always supervised when they are outside. We have a lot of things that could be potentially dangerous to kids lying around during the daytime (fertilizer, garden tools, mowers, chemicals, etc)and I don't feel that I should be made to kid-proof my yard because some nosy neighborhood kids won't keep away. It really makes me wonder about how those parents are raising their kids. They roam the neighborhood day and night (the youngest one has been doing this since he was 4 years old - I'd sometimes catch him down by the lake BY HIMSELF and have to walk him home) and have absolutely NO respect for other people's property. It pains me to know that I have to raise my children on the same block with these hoodlums.
  • No I do not tell my Children to go to someone elses yard to play and sadly when children come here I worry because yes indeed if they get hurt I am liable.
  • Yes. i know you do not want to be a stick in the mud to your neighborhood kids, but if one is injured on your property, you can bet you will be sued. To protect yourself. make a sign stating that you are not responsible for any injury on your property. post the signs in conspicuous locations and take a photo of the signs.
  • I never let my son go to someone's house to play unless the parent of that child asks me personally. Here if someone is hurt in your yard or home you are responsible. Even if they are there without permission. It's stupid but true.
  • I do not send my child to play in anyone else's yard. In fact, when he is out I tell him not to get into Mr. So-and-so's yard. Stay on the sidewalk. We don't have uninvited kids in our yard either, but we also have a 6' privacy fence.
  • Why don't you just fence it? Doesn't have to be wooden, plant bushes or something. Charge the kids parents for letting them play there
  • I would never let my children play outside unsupervised, but I know of children that do. There is a foster home across the street from me, and there are always a half-dozen or so children living there. They don't go in other people's yards, though. Maybe you could call the child protection service and say you have some unsupervised children in your yard and you are worried they might be in danger.
  • I do not let my children play in other peoples yards without permission. I have 4 kids, they are not allowed to go over and ask someone to play or leave our yard unless I say it's okay. I tell them if that child cannot play to come home immediatley or I am going to come looking for you. Our neighbors on the other hand have no problem letting the kids play on our stuff with us home or not. I came home one day to find the dad and his son on my trampoline. This same kid loves to pull out all the toys on my patio and then leave. I am forever finding shoes, bows, toys, garbage etc in my backyard. The neighbor directly behind me has no problem riding his 4 wheeler through my yard to get to the street because he is too lazy to put in culverts to cover his ditch. Then he proceeds to ride around the perimiter of the yard so he doesn't have to wear his tires out on the street. The neighbors love to cut through my yard to get to other peoples homes and not even stop to say hello, even if I am sitting outside. I don't mind the kids in my yard playing, it would be nice have someone ask if it's okay to play first without assuming it's okay. I have told the kids numerous times not to play on our stuff when we aren't home. Yesterday I came home to find 5 kids on our trampoline, the dad with the 4 wheeler was outside burning limbs watching them, knowing we weren't home. I had to walk over to the kids and tell them "I don't mind you playing on our stuff, but when we aren't home it's rude." Then he proceeds to tell his kids it's time to come home. Am I getting upset over something trivial? I'm worried that when they are out there that someone could get hurt and I feel the need to have to watch them cause they are on my property univited and my kids aren't even out there playing.
  • yes sir that is the burden of the law, i am very sorry
  • No, I would wait for them to be invited. One reason my parents never got a pool was because they were very busy raising 7 of us and simply didn't have the time to supervise other people's kids in the pool as well. I think it is good manners for a parent to accompany their child if they visit the neighbour's place to use their pool or play equipment and of course, to ask first.
  • I alos have no kids and the largest yard in the neighborhood. Its a kid magnet. The neighbors with kids complained about my dogs so I dropped 8 g on a new fence. Now I cant keep thier kids out of my yard. I have tried to talk to the kids about this with no satisfaction. No surprise there. So I am sending a letter via certified mail to thier parents asking them to repsect my property and also stating that i will not be held liable if thier child gets hurt while on my property with or without my permission. Now I have proof that I have made every effort to rectify the situation aside from the fence, beware of dog signs, no trespassing signs and locks on the gates. Whats cameras and an electric fence, pit bulls, angry geese???? What is wrong with people these days. My parents would have whooped my butt for playing in someone elses yard uninvited.
  • no. I will probably scold my kid for just taking a short cut through someones yard unless I know they are cool with it. playing in random neighbors yards will recieve grounding and maybe even a swat. yes you are probably liable but maybe you can break our nation of it's irresponsibility and sue them back. (I doubt it) good fences make good neighbors, when I own a place I intend to fence the whole property with chain link, electric gate. even my cars will be within the fence... I'd like a rotty and my wife wants a sheapard, noone has to know they are not stereotypical when in good homes.
  • One word, Police. if any children were playing in my yard without my permission that is the first thing I would do. I have tried the whole talk to the neighbours thing and most often it ends up with us having more problems so now I go straight to the police and let them do their job. My son was never allowed to play in other peoples yards without the owners permission.
  • you could be. I would put up a fence or a sign that says stay off the grass or private property. Its too bad but people these days will sue.

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