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  • Oral sex is a pretty direct path for most women, especially if you already know how she likes it. Squeezing her nipples at the same time speeds up the process and enhances the outcome.
  • The quickest way I found was playing with the clit with my tongue while inserting a couple of fingers.
  • Give her a vibrator lol.
  • drive her crazy with anticipation before, then gentle tongue on the button.
  • I have no quick way you just must take your time.
  • I say oral attention to the clitoris >:)
  • Ask her what she likes could be a start.. But I find the best way is anticipation.. watch a movie, stroke, tickle, kiss her but no touching.. perhaps if you are going to meet her in the evening a few sexy text messages throughout the day.. The excitement of the lead up is as good as spending a lot of time on foreplay.. then id recommend oral sex also.. lick like you are licking an ice-cream and gently stroke her thighs/behind the knees before inserting them.. And if she's happy.. im sure you will end up happy in return ;-) Have fun!
  • With me it's jewelry.
  • If you've hit a hit a spot on her clit that she says feels good, don't change what you're doing! Yes, your tongue/hand/finger/whatever may cramp up and go numb and feel like it'll fall off -- but KEEP GOING!!!
  • Do the dishes.
  • There are 713 pressure points on the human body. There is a little known and difficult to learn combination of nerve pinches and pressure pokes & rythmic taps to a woman's left hand and forarm that, when done properly, will bring a woman to an orgasm in about 3 to 5 seconds, and keep her there for prolonged periods of time, even hours, even if she is not at all interested before, even if she resists. This ancient fact has been obscured by time and the many changes of our society, yet a man still asks for a woman's hand (left) in marriage ... and the wedding ring still goes on the ring finger of the left hand (where it covers the prime point). The bad news is, it takes decades to learn how to apply this type of acupressure massage, and has hundreds of prerequisite lessons that are all very time consuming, but will eventually lead to the learning how. Another bad point is, it gives an emotionless orgasm, one that is empty and devoid of deep inner feelings, and so it is quickly forgotten and does nothing what so ever to build up love. As such, it is not recommended for loving couples ... but has been used throughout history by spies to get info from the wives and concubines of men who hold secrets. It is the fastest, not the best.
  • this works 4 me first get the clit exposed then give her a couple nice flat tounge medium pressure licks then all at the same time drool lots get your hand palm up middle finger out (rub around) then slip it in curl your finger up around the pelvic bone. now dont be dissapointed the first time if not much happends keep it up and watch her you will feel all kinds of neet stuff play with it all the mistory "G" spot watch her climb the walls
  • I say the most effective way for me was gently fingering her clit ina slow pace @ first and then speed it up more rapidly to excite and kiss her neck at the same time..... the bed sheets are soaked in minutes. U gotta know ya girls G spot tho.. Its different for most of em
  • A vibrator usually. Then again, what's the rush?!
  • Hours before you fool around, buy her flowers and talk non stop about how she's the only one for you.
  • Put all three inches right in.
  • Show her your bank account.
  • eat her pussy

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