• Maybe that's just her personality, although the crying should lighten up as she gets older. I remember that I used to cry almost once a week-- over stupid things like that too. And although I'm still slow at most things, and cry more then others do, I'de consider myself somewhat normal. It's good to see that you're concerned, but don't try to fix her, she'll be alright.
  • It must be the age...My daughter will be 8 in Nov. She was JUST LIKE that from about age 6 until here recently. Although, she still cries over LITTLE things and though it seems like it is all the time it is actually less than she was. My child wears her heart on her sleeve and is SOOO sensitive, I guess she gets it honest, I used to be the same way but learned how to hide it.It's probably good that she is so open about her feelings, just support her and let her know it's ok to get upset but that there are some things that are not worth worrying herself over so much. Basically she's gonna cry no matter what you say or do (MINE did anyways) so just try to get through it, it begins to ease off in about a year. Good Luck!!!
  • With the eating, put a stopwatch or clock beside her and make a game of how much she can eat in , say, 5 minutes...and give her a special treat of her favourite sweet if she finishes a lot (don't insist on everything.) For the breaking things and losing this happening a lot? If so, have her eyesight and her co-ordination checked. Eyesight is sometimes a cause of clumsiness and frustration. If she breaks something, just say: darling, people are more important than things. The plate can be replaced, but you are special. I want to see that beautiful smile. But do have her checked out by a pediatrician, in case it is an eyesight or co ordination problem.

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