• Well I'm married so my female friends are only friends. When i was single I always did keep that hope of things going further in the back of my mind.
  • I have and had many female friends. Some of them I find/found attractive but it stopped there. One of those actually became my girlfriend later on, but that was just it for me.
  • Men don't have female friends, they have women they haven't f*cked yet. The only way a man can have a female freind is if she is otherwise attached, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to sleep with her. You can also have a female friend that you aren't attracted to. But if a woman is attractive her male friends want to sleep with her on some level. Even if she is maried. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.
  • i do sometimes become friends with a girl in the hope to move things a little further, never happens though. its not always the case though most of my female friends are nothing more than just friends.
  • I have a handful of male friends that I don't want to sleep with. I'm in a very happy relationship and all my friends know that. Male and female.
  • I have had many female friends that I never slept with, not always for wont of trying, but sometimes. I find it easier to talk to women than I do to talk to men. On the other hand, I have many female friend who are ex-lovers. Most of these women now have families or relationships of their own, as do I, so there is no question of sex anymore, just friendship based on a mutual history. They are all friendly with my wife, as well, by the way. I think it stems from the fact that I never wanted to impose myself on women so my pattern was to befriend them and try to lure them into seducing me. So by the time we slept together we already had a friendship based on something other than sexual attraction. When the sex ended, usually because we discovered together that it was better for both of us to be friends than to be in a relationship, the friendship that started it all remained.
  • Yes of course you can have platonic friendships with people of the opposite sex
  • yeh actually all of my friends are male and i dont want to and never had the intention and never had a thought about sleeping with them. i was with this one guy and we broke up became friends and i still had feelings for him we started talking as bf and gf again and yeh i thought about it and made it my intentions but we became bf and gf again. but no ive never talked to someone to be my friend only so i could sleep with them
  • When I worked at a big company, I became friends with a divorced guy. We didn't have any kind of romantic feelings for each other but it seemed a lot of people thought that we were including my husband. This makes me laugh because Fred and me were not each other's type. Since Fred, haven't had any close male contacts.
  • I have some male friends and would never consider sleeping with them. Im sure there are some type of friends that would have that chemistry, But having the opposite sex friend is not always about sex. There are alot of opposite sex true friendships.
  • I am a women and, yes, men and women can be friends without the whole sex thing going on. I have many male friends and they all know that even though I'm a widow I have no interest in another relationship. And they respect that or they wouldn't be my friends. But that's not to say we don't joke about it. They make a comment about me wanting them. I fire one off about the only man I want is in a cardboard box full of ashes. I do tell them that if they can bring back a dead man they'll get a piece. Of what I never say.And I don't know what I would do without my friend Matt since Jay died. Even when Jay was alive we both had freinds of the opposite sex. His best friend was a girl. And I would let them go drinking without me. But with one rule, she was not allowed to drive home. She had to stay at our place or he had to drive her home. In fact he got in troulbe because the last time because I came home and she was sleeping on the couch in her jeans. Why? Because we have a perfectly good spare bed and I'm sure his sweat pants would have fit her. Now that siad. It can happen that a sexual relationship will come out of a platonic one. Jay and I were best friends and roommates long before we hooked up. And I think that is what made our relationship so strong. We knew each inside and out before we took that leap. But I don't think that would have been true if the whole purpose of our friendship was him trying to get a peice of me. Then it would have been built on a lie. And those don't last.
  • The point of friendship is just that....... friendship hopefully things like attraction don't get in the way.
  • some of my best friends are and have been women, i will admit that the hot ones have made me fantisize a little, but hey im a guy!!
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction, when I was single I had many female friends. Most I had no desire to touch not even with the d***s of all the horndogs here on AB. They were friends that just happen to be female, and came cross my life through work or other friends not by me seeing a roll in the hay.
  • to be honest i dont have that many, girl-friends, i have either dated them in the past, or they are my buddies girlfriend. i just have alot more in common with guys and dont really like kickin it with girls,obviously there is the exception for a select few, who are actually a great laugh and i do like hanging out with them
  • A woman may very well form a friendship with a man, but for this to endure, it must be assisted by a little physical antipathy. -a quote
  • I have male friends i would never want to sleep with or have sex with.
  • I am 50+ yrs old, I have had many female and male friend, I did not want to have sex with any of them, we were just that great friends, I had so much fun with guys and I used to go 4 wheeling and dune buggy riding and I was the only female they would allow with them because I was good at it driving the vehicles and they trusted me. I am still friends with some of them and we dont hang out we are all too involved with our families now. It was a great time of my life to have experienced and that is what friends should do have fun, experience life and forget about sex for once there are so many fun and cool things to do out there that dont come near sex so enjoy life have fun !!!! There is a great time to enjoy the sex too of course,, but with the right person ,,,,
  • i held a relationship with a girl for 6 years and i cannot say sex never occured to me but it was neither the reason we bacame friends or the reason i hung out with her. she was a virgin when i meet her and a virgin when we stopped speakinng. the interesting part is i fell in love with her and confessed that i eventually would like to considder marrage, this changed the friendship and we no longer are in touch. i guss it is possible and this shows that marrage is not always about sex, i would have been happy to be with her even if we never had intercours and raised children via artificial insemination.
  • I pretty much just wanted to screw them.
  • Hey friendship is not about getting laid. I have had female friends who I just wanted to be friends with, some I wanted to go out with and some strangers I just wanted to bang.
  • I can be friends with girls without a problem. But I don't have any female friends at the moment.
  • I have many female friend and have never slept with them!
  • Not really. I became friends with girls to be friends. NOT for any other reason. Yes, at some level, there were some I would have liked to be "more than friends" with, but it never happened, and it wouldn't have stopped me from being friends. AND, once married, I wouldn't cheat on my wife.

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