• No because its regarded as entrapment and a violation of their human rights.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Wrong. Entrapment is getting someone to do something they wouldn't normally do. And it has to be done by the "state." A civilian cannot entrap another civilian. And "human rights" are not legally protected. Civil rights are.
  • Well, in the Rodney King case, those officers didn't know they were being taped. They used that video in court.
  • You would really need to check with a lawyer in your area on this. The laws concerning what you can record and what you can't vary from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Generally, not if you're secretly recording while you follow them to the scene of the crime; usually acceptable if you have a fixed security camera and they show up (or don't show up - often for landlords who want to show absentee/subletting tenants).
  • you might not be able to
  • In Ohio, YES you can record people without their knowledge. Only one person, who is party to the conversation, has to be aware of the recording. And since you're the one recording it, that takes care of that.

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