• It is a sign of love. He looks at you as an older cat and is trying to groom you like he would his littler memeber or like his mother woud groom him. Cats think that when you pet them you are actuallly groom them in the same way. It is a positive sign that and though annoying very comforting ina strange way.
  • Aww, he loves you... that's sweet. I love cats.
  • Get up and play with me!!!!! Cats don't sleep for 8 hours at a time like we do so he is probably getting bored and misses you. Cats are never shy about wanting attention!
  • he wants you to get up and play with him. He is also telling you that he loves you.
  • Mine jumps on my chest and it scares the dickens out of me when I'm sleeping - Just to get my attention I believe
  • you must have some delicious skin, he thinks you need a grooming and he is happy to give it to you
  • You obviously taste good.
  • Mine too, she will start tickling me under my nose with her furry paw, and if that doesn't work, she taps me all over different parts of my body. And, once I waited to just see what she would do next, and she actually gave me a couple soft kitty bites on the arm! Don't know how to unprogram this cat. Once, I finally play with her and go back to sleep, I have to get up for work, and of course, she is then sacked out. I feel like nibbling on her paw!

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