• Its probably either your fan, or your hard disk drive. If its your hard disk you might want to think about getting another drive and backing up your data.
  • It depends where it is coming from - and what the buzz sounds like. If it is not something caught in the fan of the power supply, cooling fan on the motherboard, or something like that - it could be many things. What I would try to check first, if you are brave enough, it to make sure your memory, CPU and slot cards are securely seated. If it is still there, pull some of your memory out to see if it is a failed memory SIMM. If there is no video, you might check the video card. If it is in the hard drive, a bearing may be going out - then you need to consider replacing the drive before it completely fails.
  • My older one done that for a while & I downloaded a bunch of updates for my windows ME, I didn't know they had quit automatically updating & after I done all that it quit. But I reformatted it first then done that after I redownloaded my hard ware. But like nevets said it could be your fan too, have you tried to clean it? Maybe run a vac across where your fan is?
  • I think there is a problem with the power supply fan.Clean it or replace it if needed.
  • my system also making huge sound after 10 mins from its start then sound gradually increases and system becomes stuck and i can not use mouse and every task i had opend earlier i canot chk them, so better u bring a big hammer and hit as much as hard u can on the cpu and monitor then matter will be over , no need of asking questions, abbye, tere garke paas koyi be computer repair center ho tho leke jha , kyu bekar me, question puchthe ho, there re pass net conection hai tho kya be, desh me lok, ak vaktha ki khana keli mare sale chale be sale chal there question bekar ki chal nekalale be

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