• the only solution wnen you have a bad tooth is to have it removed,you are stalling and hoping that everything will get better,but it won t.just have the tooth pulled and be done with it.
  • You know, the only way you can know for sure that he won't cheat on you again is if he's no longer committed to you. I would let him go before we were married, or there were any children in the mix. But can you imagine how much more horrible you will feel if you have a little on in your arms and you're wondering whether or not he's coming home? No one should go through that. Breaking up with a boyfriend is very hard; but you might appreciate it later. On the other hand, if you chose to stick it out, there are many success stories. It's really up to you. Whatever you choose, don't limit yourself. The world is a lot bigger than your relationship with this guy. Don't feel trapped.
  • If it is drving you mad, perhaps a break is in order. Just time for you to be alone, to gather your thoughts, try to make sense of them..this doesn't mean you two will never be together again. You either come to terms with it, or you don't. Either way you will eventually be ok with it, whether its while you are together or not. Time has a way of doing that. Or just take a break and do someone else lol
  • sounds like you don't like the guy, and he's just a convenience for you. look for someone else than dump him.
  • Well, I will tell you straight. There are only two things you can do: go on with him or break up with him. I would not worry about what he did when you were broke up. You have both given each other a second chance. He is yours now and you are his. Remember, when the bad thoughts come, that not everyone gets a second chance. How can you make the decision to go on or not? I don't expect you to right away. You are not made of steel. It will take some time to get over such thoughts. I am sure they must be terrible to endure. The best way to deal with unwanted thoughts is through distraction. Find something else to focus on when such thoughts come. Do something to occupy your time. Once you learn to realize that there is no good in thoughts like that, things will be easier. Good luck! Think good thoughts. Also, please post a comment on how things turned out.
  • Time heals all wounds, It is hard not to think about something that bothers you but if you want to be with him you just have to keep at it. He slept with them while you were broken up right? Not the same as when they sleep with someone else while together
  • You either get over it or break up with him.
  • time heals all wounds hun the same thing happened to me n i dont think like about 'it' anymore..thankgod but if its tru love you guys can work together to overcome it if u both want to.
  • 9-16-2017 Time does not heal all wounds. A broken relationship stays broken forever. Dump this person and avoid all further contact.
  • You can do what a woman I know did to her husband: She punished him for the rest of their lives. A loving extra special lady to everyone except him. She bitched and moaned and made both of their lives miserable. If you are deciding to stay in the relationship you need to choose what you want for a life.

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