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  • At the risk of getting bad ratings for not actually answering the question, I'm going to point out that the information you're asking for really isn't useful in terms of actually dealing with relationships and sex drive differences. When it comes to sex, "average" doesn't really mean anything except to researchers and clinicians. Some couple who have been married 25 years may only have sex once a month. Others may have sex once a week or even more often. As long both of the people in the relationship are satisfied, it doesn't matter whether they fall above, below, or right on the national "average." If one partner has a greater desire for intimacy than the other, then it's time for both to work on finding the most appropriate answer, but that's a whole different subject.
  • Average: Approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value. Middle: An area that is approximately central within some larger region. Your question is difficult to answer because "average" does not necessarily pinpoint what is typical. Typical: Exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category. I have heard that once every two weeks is reasonable. Reasonable: Showing reason or sound judgment. Not excessive or extreme. Marked by sound judgment. I hope this helps.
  • I totally agree with answers here: 'sex' is not ever a contest, even for the most ardent couples, regardless of how short or long they have been together! Recently on the radio, I heard that SENIOR couples continue to not only have sex fairly frequently, but continue to carry on their romantic notions that 'got them going' in the first place. (Some were still 'doing it' into their 90's! WOW! These elders said they enjoyed each other through a plethora of 'little things' which just intensified their 'desire' for the other! (Even if that meant just cuddling for a very long time before getting it on!) Beloved husband and I consider ourselves VERY fortunate, our relationship has, like all people in relationships, has gone through the ups and downs that any human being probably goes through. None of those experiences has sweep affection, including intense, daily 'touch' from our lives. Early on we made the commitment, no matter who or what was before us, WE came first! (Sometimes hard though when kids are pooping or screaming!) However, the act of sex is first and foremost an act of sensual affectionate love, even if that is a mutually decided 'quickie.' (Nothing 'wrong' with that in balance to everything else!) The consideration, the affection, the privilege of being even 'allowed' to love another never wanes with us: we have always, always believed 'real love' takes personal effort and can never, even be taken for granted. Part of that romantic affection is honoring and respecting the INDIVIDUAL within a committed relationship. When a couple honors this through daily awareness, presence and attendance, not only toward ones own self, the other partner senses the continuing sensuality of marriage as a living celebration between TWO different people!! For indeed it does 'take two to tango,' and without EACH feeling special the 'dance' soon turns to a silence tune with NO ONE swinging toward 'dance floor!'

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