• Sex education should not wait until a child is in school. Children are sexual beings from birth according to reading I have done in several places. (ejhscom). Sex should not be portrayed as bad and sinful but part of life. Parents should show affection with each other by hugging and kissing while children can observe. Hug and kiss children as well. As the children grow teach them more about life. When they get into "sex education" in school it will not be a shock to them.
  • theyre too young for that
  • 15 for girls, 17 for boys.
  • I don't think the school should be responsible for this. Health classes should cover basic reproduction and menstruation with additional training augmented by the nurse probably 3rd or 4 th grade to preempt menstruation sooner if situations necessitate. As always parents should be the primary teacher but only if they're not pedophiles! Kids will learn this on their own when the age is right. They don't need anyone else touching them or "teaching" them unless they ask and then it's best to ask if they have spoken with their parents about it first. Nowadays you can learn anything on the internet so if you don't want your kids learning there better talk with them sooner rather than later.

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