• You dont become "Gay" it is a preference you are born with.... I find women attractive and my body responds to that, it is the same for gay and lesbian people, they are attracted to the same thing.
  • From what I've heard, it's not a personal choice.
  • i dont know... i am straight but sometimes i am bicurious and make ou wit gurlz. My bf doesnt mind, bur i cant help that i feel like that. it often goes away
  • Nobody really knows. The current guess that there are three different aspects: the shape your body is, the shape you think it ought to be, and the shape you find attractive. Which way all these go is determined by how much testosterone you have in your fetal body, but at different times. It it is low at all times, you get a female version of all three, and if high at all times you get a male version of all three. But if it varies, perhaps due to environmental influences, perhaps not, you do not get a matching set, or you some of them get a set which is a bit of both. (Children with ambiguous genitalia are much more common than realised, but it is usually quite easy to fix surgically. Ambigious sexuality is not so easily recognised or "fixed").
  • Why do people become heterosexual? You don't "become" gay or lesbian. You are who you are. A gay or lesbian or bisexual person does not "choose" their sexual preference anymore than a straight person does. Ignorant people assume that because it is not the "norm", LGBT people must be crazy deviants who are choosing this lifestyle to the fun of it. It never ceases to amaze me how anyone could honestly think that gay people "choose" their sexuality, and all the stigma's and burdens that are attached to it. The sooner people start accepting others who they are, not "what" they are, and not what labels society places upon them, the better off we'll all be.
  • People are born with their own orientation, as we label them hetrosexual, homosexual, etc. It is wrong to judge someone for the way they were born. Would you make fun of someone who was born Chinese, or who had a deformity? Time for our "progressive" world to open its' eyes.
  • My personal opinion is that they are born this way.
  • I don't think anyone becomes gay. It's who they are from the beginning. They reach a point when they decide to BE who they are and not what others think they "should" be.
  • oh for god sake. AB is really going downhill. dr this all you want!
  • Most homosexual people are born that way, though it is possible to be made that way after enduring sexual abuse as a child.
  • Most are born that way. The rest are experimenting. Both groups are perfectly valid, IMO.
  • They do it just to irk you.
  • They're bored.... Just kidding. Well, I can tell you it's not by choice and it's not something that can be undone. I think a number of things play into it. Some people are just born that way, some people have some life events or even the tiniest things that shape them. Either way... homosexuals are natural and there isn't anything wrong with them. It's not a malfunction in any way.
  • they can't fight the 'feeling' and CHOOSE not to....
  • For the exact same reason as people become straight: because of who they are sexually attracted to. Lesbians are sexually attracted to other women, gay men to other men, and straight folk to members of the opposite sex. It's as simple as that. Edit Regarding the categorization: this is not a gender issue, this is a sexual orientation issue. Lesbians aren't a different gender from other women, etc.

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