• Turn your PS2 upside down and there will be rubber supports so the playstation doesnt slide. Remove thoses rubber supports and unscrew all the screws.
  • There are actually 8 screws that need to be removed to take the cover off. Once you have the cover off be very careful. the reset/open buttons are connected by a cord that runs under yout disc carriage and can easily come out if you pull the cover to far out. it is only taped down by thin paper tape. Once you have removed the cover, you will now need to remove the top cover of the disc carriage to get to the laser. Now if you happen to pull the reset/open cord out you will need to unlatch the disc carriage. It will not go far but you will be able to see where the cord needs to go. There is a small slot in front of the 2 colored wires. its very small. you will need to replace the reset/open cord in that slot. you will not be able to simple slide the cord back in. The slot has a small open and close door. you will need to use a very small screwdriver(like the one in a eyeglass repair kit)and pop the latch down. then you will need to take the cord and place in in the slot and close the latch up. it will lock in place. this is easily done if you remove the reset/open switch from the top cover. Once you get it out you will know how to put it back once you get the cord latch back in place. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU UNLATCH THE DISC CARRIAGE. It is connect by a few connection cables(3 i believe)plus the colored wires. The cord isnt easy to replace but it can be done, just have patience. All of these information is because my PS2 would not play my EASports games but it would play all my other games. I had to clean my laser. Now my games play.
  • take the grips off of the bottom of the ps2 and take out the FOUR screws. that is all i know of.

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