• Assuming that the dead spouse was righteous, then we believe that something will be provided for this spouse. Just how this will happen we aren't sure. God has not chosen to reveal this to us. However, if I were to speculate on this, I would say that, during the thousand years during which Christ will personally reign here on Earth, we will have access to revelation to the effect that person A whose spouse abandoned them met person B in the spirit world and they would like to be sealed to each other. Based on that revelation, those that are still mortal would then perform the necessary ordinances in the temple. This part of the answer is just speculation on my part. I don't claim it to be Church doctrine. I just present it as a possible mechanism by which such inequities could be resolved.
  • The answer is no. If that spouse was righteous, he will recieve the same reward and another companion worth of him. It would not be a female because men may be sealed to as many women as he can in life, but only one at a time.
  • We are not and do not marry when we go to Heaven according to the Bible. We are not idle either. We will enjoy all the things in Heaven we do here on earth including sex. Yes, it is Biblical we will have sex in Heaven with anyone we desire.

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