• No, the Internet does not have to be connected or enabled to use Bluetooth on your device. Bluetooth technology uses short-wave radio signals to transmit data without wires. The device you want to connect with, however, must have Bluetooth installed as well.


    Bluetooth: Technical

  • Bluetooth is a pseudo serial connection (basically wireless USB) between devices using the same 2.4 GHz band as some WiFi, using the same antenna. As mentioned it does not require Internet (unless you are trying to relay something from the Internet, like audio from an Internet radio station). Whatever you connect it to would need to support Bluetooth. Many laptops have Bluetooth (some don't), most desktop PC's do not. But you can get a Bluetooth USB dongle for about $10 US. So you should be able to connect Bluetooth devices to your phone (headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.). When I Bluetooth connect my (Linux) PC to my phone it only says it does audio, so if I have music files on my phone I can play that though my PC speakers (without using Internet), and I imagine if I initiate a call on the phone I could use microphone and speakers on PC (or headset connected to PC).

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