• This could be useful: '10A to watts calculation with voltage of 120V AC For AC power supply, watts are equal to the power factor times amps times volts. watts = PF × amps × volts For resistive load without inductors or capacitors, the power factor is equal to 1: watts = 1 × 10A × 120V = 1200W For inductive load (like induction motor), the power factor can be approximately equal to 0.8: watts = 0.8 × 10A × 120V = 960W' Source: For a week you get: 7x24x1200W = 201.6 kWh If you were charged 12 cents per kWh your bill would be: 201.6 kWh X 0,12 = $ 24,19 (but don't count on me to pay the difference if it were more...)
  • If the power went out to a portion of your house, that usually means that a breaker was tripped (it shut itself off as a safety precaution) by the outlet that "blew out." If the breaker was tripped, that means it no longer was possible for any current to flow through that outlet "to ground." Your electric bill should be less than normal.

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