• ring him... or search the yellow pages... or white pages.. they both have online sites
  • i don't remember. i used it around two years ago to locate my cousin in michigan.
  • ive looked high and low i need to find my ex because he has my son
  • Zabasearch is a free search site--but I'm not sure about current address-- I also am trying to find my EX-most sites will charge--but on zabasearch you can leave a message for your ex-or anyone who knows him-so far I am satisfied w/ them--or you can try OMNITRACE --good luck w/ your search
  • I've tried about every people search engine available and found that they don't list which address is current. They only list a history of addresses, but that does narrow things down a bit. Good luck.
  • Does he live near you?
  • I have the same problem, I'm looking for old friends and I don't know where they've moved or what their married names might be. I don't need to know if they have a car or have been to prison or anything, I just want a current address or email! The whole tradition of married women changing their names seems aimed at keeping women isolated!

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