• Fascinating! What is your question? We're at a draw. I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR QUESTION IS UNTIL YOU TYPE IT.
  • It sounds to me like the two of you are better off just being friends. He is not showing a lot of interest in you. You are looking elsewhere, even though it is good that you stopped what you were doing with the other guy. Try just being friends for awhile and see where it goes from there. What you both have now is not love from what I can see. Good luck to both of you. If you wish, please post a comment on how things worked out. +5
  • Avatar wow THANKS!!!!! so...i mean i'm not sure why he stayed but he stayed and i eventually fell in love with him and changed my ways which i admit were wrong. but NOW that i've changed (about a year and a half n ow) he keeps mentioning all that i've done and does not believe that i can change. He says his feeling diminished during the second year of our relationship and he admits he's not sure why he stuck around. now that i love him, he's hurting me by being distant, rarely making time for me, and we stopped saying i love you about a year ago. He associates not making time for me with him going to school and working but i do the same and i can still spare a saturday every two weeks to just be with him. Within the past year, we've broken up about 5 times and i've been the one doing the break up and begging to get back together. Every time we do go back together, within a week or two i'm ready to break up again cuz i'm just not happy. Lately, i've been talking to other guys again and hadn't cheated until today. Well it wasn't really cheating, i did push the guy away but it wasn't until we were both naked and him about to get in me. I realized that i could no longer have sex without that emotional connection and unfortunately i'm not feeling it with my bf. I want to make it work with him but he's not willing...he's not willing and i don't know why he bothers taking me back when i ask. i just need to know if i should truly just break it off and move on... or keep trying to save this relationship especially since i'm the one who fucked it up first.
  • well this doesnt sound like a happy loving relationship... you can love someone but not be in love with someone.. and if one of you isnt making time to see each other its usually a sign that your not no1 priority.. which we all want to be. my advise is to take a step back. break up for a decent amount of time, and see how things play out.. if it takes that to make you realize your meant for each other, or that your better off as friends. but by the looks of it, you cant keep going on the way you are!! Hope i helped..

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