• As I understand it and from the information provided in your question, you have A- blood type. Your Rh factor in negative and your blood type is A. A person can be either a positive Rh factor or a negative Rh factor. Your blood type is neither positive or negative. It is the Rh factor that is positive or, in your case and your family's case, negative. I hope this helps you.
  • It means that you are type A negative, which is type A blood with a negative RH factor. Blood type is based on particular molecules (called antigens) that sit on the surface of red blood cells. People either have A antigens (type A blood), B antigens (type B), both (type AB) or neither (type O) on their red blood cells. When it comes to Rh factor, some people have the antigen (Rh-positive) and some people don't (Rh-negative.) In other words, you have A antigens and no Rh factor antigen.
  • There is only one negative/postive property to blood type, and that is the RH factor. Your's is negative. Your blood type is A. Therefore, you have A- (A negative) blood.
  • is rhe negative the same as hra factor? What is hra negative?
  • is hra negative the same as hra factor?

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