• We should legalize all street drugs. .
  • I think it's fine. And yes, I think we should just legalize it all together. It would be better for the environment, and better for society as a whole.
  • Marijuana should definitely be legalized because it's less harmful than tobacco or alcohol and primarily because it makes criminals out of so many teenagers.
  • My personal feeling is that it should just be legalized and taxed just like cigarettes.
  • sure, i would like to see all drugs taxed.
  • I think it should be decriminalized, at least. +5
  • I do not think the police take a lot of notice of Marijuana for personal use I certainly think it should be allowed for medical use.
  • Medical marihuana, yes. As long that there is a protocol to mantain control and monitor it.
  • I have heard that it alleviates pain in cancer patients and those with Aids. If true, I think that is a good use. However, smoking anything of any kind I think is not too smart whether it is weed or tobacco. Just my opinion. :)
  • I am a firm supporter of the use of medical marijuana - noone is claiming that it "cures" anything, but like any other medicine or drug, it can help improve or remove certain symptoms and help with overall maintenance. Cancer patients often lose their appetite; marijuana can help bring that back and maybe they can sit down and enjoy dinner and time with family and friends while they still have time to do it with. I say just legalize it altogether. We've seen what Prohibition can do.
  • i am for it, & yes i think it should be legalized.
  • It should be legal doesn't really do any harm and it can relive pain in medical cases. Also everyone would be alot happier and stop taking life so seriously.
  • it should be used with a prescription, lest it would be abused. +5
  • Im For The Medical Marjunana. And Yes I Think It Should Be Legalized Because We It Would Just Stop Putting People In Jail For Marjunana. And I LOVE IT! It Would Be Hella Nice If I Didn't Have To Sneak It Everywhere. Even If It Became Legalized In The Future And There Was A Tax On It. Ppl Would Still Grow It Illegally. (In My Opinion)
  • I'm surprised it hasn't been legalized, considering the way they're scrambling for sources of revenue.
  • Yes please...having an illness sucks bad enough...let alone worry'n all the time about being caught. They really don't want to put someone like me in jail over marijuana I use for my would cost them waaaay too much.

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