• not even, stick your old crap ancient man stuff there
  • I think many younger men do get jealous, but they shouldn't feel that way because the older man might have something the younger guys don't have.
  • If the younger woman is not the older gentleman's daughter, I usually think, "I wish when I get that old, I'll have enough money to get hooked up with a young beautiful girl like that old fart has..."
  • I think most young men do get jealous. But hey, younger women are with older men for money. Most young women today are gold diggers.
  • YES! lol I know I'm just bitter though. Older guys have it so easy. At 25 I'm getting a lot of 18 and 19 year olds attracted to me, but their not nearly mature enough for me. I talk and they can't even understand what I'm saying. All the women around 22-26 seem more interested in guys who are in their 30s. They don't seem to understand what I'm saying either, but at least the little girls think it's something wonderful and the older women think it's BS. These little girls are so cute, but they seem so easy to influence. It's like I already know too well what's going to make them fall for me, and somehow being older makes it easier. I think there's something we don't see. Some kind of natural force or reflex that's controlling us like puppets. We're somehow programmed like computers with all these feelings occurring in response to events as if there's a reason we act the way we do but we don't need to understand that reason to follow it. Actually, sometimes I don't completely understand what I'm saying either, but I better write that down somewhere because it sounds cool.
  • I've never really (knock on wood LOL no pun intended) had money problems which equates to I've never really had a problem getting any woman I wanted. So in all honesty I don't think I’ve ever noticed an old man with a young girl but maybe I just assumed it was his daughter or something. +3
  • I think guys get jealous when they see any guy tapping any girl, period. In the end, men know that guys who date significantly younger women are just hunting weak game - she can be supermodel hot, but the take-down is just so unsatisfying when it's like dealing with a trained monkey...
  • I used to. Now I am the older man getting the younger chicks.
  • Generally people see that and gold digger is one of the first things that gets laughed about. They question if your grandgather is taking you to get your first razor to shave your legs the first time. Jealousy generally has nothing to do with it.

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