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  • he can be turned off all he wants..his choice..but its 2009 and there aren't that many girls "saving" themselves for him
  • Depends on his age. A kid in school? Good for him for expecting a girl to remain a virgin, as he has. A man? He'll find himself being turned off a lot.
  • get them while ya can the older ya get the fewer there are
  • That his interpretation of "liking" somebody is rather shallow. Of course, turned off might not always mean a decrease of emotional affection, although in this context I'll just assume that your buddy probbaly isn't quite aware that there's a distinct difference.
  • That's his choice, but I personally think there are better qualities to look for in a person than virginity.
  • Your buddy is a moron. If he gets what he wants all he'll have in an inexperienced girl who is totally clueless and bad in bed.
  • To each his own is all I can say. I hope he at least understands that his choices will be much more limited when it comes to finding someone. Personally I don't even know a virgin at this time.
  • your buddy is a virgin to isnt he, virgins are the worst, not only do you have to teach them everything about sex, they cant make up there minds to have sex; older woman know what they want and theyll teach you some new things.
  • A. Did she tell him she was? B. Is he? (can't rightly expect her to bolt the door if he's gonna leave his swinging) Besides....wouldn't he rather take a trip on the blissful turnpike with someone who already knows how to reach the proper destination, versus spinning the damn wheels until you run out of gas?
  • He's clearly gay, and he wants to be more than just your buddy.
  • That is what turns him on. It's psychological, this sorta stuff changes over a long period of time, you can't judge him for that. Personally, I am sorta with your friend, I'm 19, and when I know that a girl hasn't had sex yet and is cute, then that is definitely a turn on for me (unlike my uni accommodation neighbor who has had sex with 58 guys before turning 20). Not that I would mind getting into a relationship with a non-virgin, because it is only my luck (or lack of it) that I haven't met that 'somebody' special yet and it wouldn't be fair if I were to be mad at her if she's done it cuz she already has met a certain 'someone' in the past before me. However, it would make you feel special if you were her first, you know??? You know that she's gonna remember you, and you're not just gonna be #28 for example. That's all there really is to it if we're talking relationship-wise. P.S. I bet he's not too experienced in bed himself if he's saying that (I'm not in all honesty). But if he already has a good deal of history behind him, then he is a hypocrite for expecting girls to be virgins, at least in the Western world. -JC85cap
  • either she lied to him about that or she didn't tell him, and that would make her look like she can't be trusted.
  • I wouldn't say he's shallow or stupid, his values are just different than most of modern society's. Sex used to be something special between only a husband and wife, and people would save themselves for their future spouce. Now many people have casual sex before marriage for fun. Your friend is just holding on to older values. It could be that he's religious or comes from a very traditional family or something like that.
  • I think that's a little too judgmental of your friend. And it's not very fair if he likes them and suddenly doesn't because they're not virgins... That's pretty stupid to base how much he likes someone by their sexual status... What if a girl he liked had been raped? He still wouldn't like her because she wasn't a virgin, willing or not, huh?
  • he just likes virgins, I don't like virgins, nobody really does.
  • In my opinion, your buddy is a jerk.
  • He thinks he's the man, but can't handle it if someone else got there first. He's a serial hymenator.
  • I think he is going to spend an awful lot of time being turned off.
  • is he clean or a manwhore
  • Your buddy's not wrapped too tightly! : )
  • So waht does that make him......a whore? +5
  • I wouldn't be turned off. It doesn't matter for me if she is a virgin or not.
  • My opinion is that he should move to Fantasyland.
  • If that turns him off, then he's probably got a lot of issues that would turn her off eventually anyway.
  • I see no problem with it. That is mainly a religious thing. Even I would be turned off if the girl has slept with more than 5 guys. That is my limit. So he can have whatever limit he wants.
  • So your buddy is a virgin then...yes? If not, he has no right to expect that of any girl he dates.
  • if he is not a virgin it makes him a hypocrite. if he is a virgin he is going to have a hard time finding someone, but he's more likely to find a real commitment.
  • Ah yes...another man afflicted with the virgin/whore syndrome haha I agree with the poster who suggested this guy has some issues he needs to sort out. I'd suggest you find a better class of company.
  • He sounds like a world-class cock if you ask me!

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